My running life so far

Up until now, running for me has always come in phases. I get really into it and then it fades. Or more accurately when I was in New Jersey I would get really into it and then it would get cold 🙁 About 4 years ago I had done a bunch of races, never serious just for fun. I also did a couple of triathlons that I really enjoyed but I still always loved the running part the most.

My last ’bout’ of running was last year, right before I moved down to Florida. I thought I had it made, no more winter and this is what I get to run in every day:

Of course right before I came down I injured my knee and ended up in 6 weeks of physical therapy and wound up taking almost an entire year off of running. What I did right during this time was focus on strength training. Who knew… running makes your legs weak?!? I started going twice a week to the gym and also started taking pilates classes. What I did VERY wrong: I didn’t continue to do cardio. I half heartedly did a few elliptical sessions and one or two spin classes and quickly got out of it, losing ALL of my fitness.

Fast forward to about a month ago when I discovered all of the wonderful running blogs full of information and humor and hope for runners who have had injuries. What I learned was ground-breaking. Get this… you can have an injury AND live to run another day. Isn’t that cool? I thought so. So I’m back at it. Learning all I can, and keeping track of everything I do. I’m trying to stick to a plan and not just go out every day trying to run the longest and fastest run ever (even though that wound up happening yesterday 🙂 ).

Today, there was a lot of this:

This is how a lot of our Sundays go. We did go to the gym (left Jingo home, she wasn’t happy because she loves to hit up the free weights) and I did a few leg exercises but was tired from yesterday’s run. These are the things that I still do not know – when is the right time to do strength training for legs? I don’t want to do it on days that I run, but then I’m tired on the days that I don’t… how do you do it? The last thing I want is to get hurt again.

If you’ve made it this far thank you for reading about my crazy 🙂

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