A must have and I won a prize!

Hi Everyone!

I can’t explain how much fun I’m having with this blog!  I can already tell that it will help me make sure I stick to my workouts 🙂 I was up and at the gym at 6:30 this morning for a strength workout, where I learned all about how to use my new must have: the foam roller!  They are all the rage on a bunch of the blogs I’ve been reading but this is the first time I tried it for myself.

Whoever invented pinterest was a genius because it helped me find the link to the wonderful runnersworld.com videos to tell me all about my new daily ritual.  How did I go through the number of physical therapy sessions I went through without anyone mentioning this wonderful piece of foam to me?  It is like an instant deep tissue massage that finds all of the knots like magic.

A random picture of the only time in history that I won at mini-golf.  I guess that is my excited to win face.

After work today I had a meeting for a volunteer organization I’m part of and I won a prize for the most service hours for this month!  I love going to all the activities they have and this group makes such an impact it’s crazy.  For my prize I got a $25 gift card to The Fresh Market and I can’t wait to use it!  I’ve never been there before but I heard it’s a really nice supermarket and since there are no Trader Joe’s where I live I hope this is similar 🙂

Do any of you use a foam roller?

Anyone the next Tiger Woods in mini-golf?

What is your favorite place to buy groceries?

P.S.  The 10K I am doing will be the first race I’ve actually run in and also the first time I’ve run outside instead of a treadmill in YEARS.  Is it normal that I have spent the past two weeks trying to finalize exactly what I’m going to wear?? Or am I weird.  K thanks 🙂

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