When do you become an athlete/runner/crazy person?

Hey Everyone!

That is what I saw this morning when I came out of the gym and am a sucker for the colorful sunrises even though the iPhone camera isn’t really doing it justice.  I went there for a strength workout and did some awesome booty moves inspired by Run Like a Grl‘s post on your glutes!  I can definitely tell that it’s a weak area and will need to work it more.  I also did a little bit more yoga after work today and it was still pretty hard just like yesterday but I can see how all that stretching is a good thing 🙂

As I was standing in the middle of a parking lot taking a picture like a weirdo as the sun was coming up this morning, I started to wonder when exactly this became my normal… waking up early to hurt, sweat, and sometimes flat out physically torture myself?!?  My life is pretty hectic, my job is demanding, and I’m always go go go.  Yet somehow this whole idea of ‘being fit’ and ‘becoming a runner’ creeped its way in and now I am HOOKED.  I don’t even think about it anymore, it’s officially a part of my life and I’m so grateful for it.

Did you ever have that a ha moment when you realized what a big part running and fitness has become?

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