Training Begins and Bursting my Bubble

Hi Everyone,

Hopefully you still have power to read this 🙂  Today was officially my first day of my training program for the half I’m doing in February.  Because I’ve been putting in pretty low mileage regularly each week, the program called for only 2 miles today at 10:36 pace.  I got out there this morning and it felt COLD.  Which made me realize I’ve been in Florida for too long because it was 60 degrees and I felt like it was 40.  I finished up my 2 miles @ 10:21 pace (I tried to go slower but it didn’t work) and then went inside the gym and hopped on the elliptical for another 20 minutes.

Since I decided to get back into racing, my knee that I have had problems with before has been acting up little by little.  It hasn’t been ongoing pain, more like it would bother me at the beginning of a run and then once I’m warmed up it would leave me alone.  Trying to be the responsible and proactive new and improved runner, I decided to work from home today and get it checked out by a Dr.  He took an X-ray and said my ‘joint spaces’ looked good but when he was examining me he turned my knee and it kept popping which he said is NOT RIGHT.  I need to get an MRI and cannot run, use the elliptical, stair master, or do any type of squatting or lunging until I do so.  Exactly the opposite of what I wanted to hear.  I was really hoping he would tell me that it was just sore and I was being a wimp and to keep up with my strength training.  So my training is being put on hold just as quickly as it started.  My very first SETBACK of this race prep.  Boo 🙁

Not the best news but I’m trying to be positive.  There’s still enough time that whatever is wrong will hopefully be fixed with enough time to get plenty of training in.  I can still SPIN so I can go to my favorite class on Wednesday and not feel as bad that I can’t keep up because at least I am getting my heart rate up.  And maybe I will add some swimming to my routine.  Jingo was so disappointed in hearing the news that she retreated to the bedroom and turned on her alien eyes.

So we’ll see.  I should find out tomorrow when I can get the MRI.

Completely unrelated and random, we started to catch up on all that Tivo has been holding for us and in my sadness I got away with slipping a Glee in there, and they did an awesome cover of Katy Perry’s Teenage Dream – and I do NOT like Katy Perry usually.  Check it out.  It’s good, I promise!

How do you cope with setbacks?

Do you watch Glee?

Why in the world do dogs’ eyes turn alien in pictures?!

Why run?

I hope everyone has lots of food and water and blankets as Sandy makes her way to you!  Emails were sent that our offices in NJ & PA are closed tomorrow.  Can I get away with taking a sympathy day here in their honor?  Probably not.

Today was a rest day.  Although I did go grocery shopping and pushing that cart around is pretty hard, so maybe I can count some arm work for these chicken arms 😉  I spent a good part of my day what you’re supposed to do on rest days.  Stalk pinterest and find 27 recipes to make, and see 5 different ways to reorganize my house, but my favorite of all are all of the little motivational pictures.  You know, like this one:

I get sucked into these things so easily and want to get up and go nuts but I held back and stuck to the couch.  Thinking about my run yesterday, a few of them got me thinking.

Since I left a little later than usual for my run yesterday, I saw more people out and about than usual, doing normal Saturday normal things, working in their yards and such.  I don’t live in an area where a lot of people run, and I got a few strange looks as I ran by.  Now it could be because of my unmatched running outfit or uncombed hair, but it seemed more like the ‘why on earth are you running if no one is chasing you’ kind of stares.  Which is I guess a good question.

Why run?

On top of the health benefits, I run because I can.  I started running in high school and it’s one of the few things you can do with no equipment or gym membership, and do it by yourself.  It’s possible to start and stop and build yourself back up.  I’m a work in progress that’s proof of that.  You can control your pace and push yourself beyond your limits.  I like it because it gets you outside and feeling the air and sun and you look at things differently when you’re running.  It’s especially fun to see all of the little lizard babies scurrying along.  Running is something that so many people CAN do but they don’t.

I’m experiencing firsthand that it’s not easy in the beginning, and it shouldn’t be.  Running is breaking down the body only for it to heal and rebuild into something so much stronger.  If that’s not the biggest metaphor for any challenge and experience through life, what is?

Things that have inspired me lately:

1-watching the Ironman in Kona yesterday

2-everyone who ran the Marine Corps Marathon today in HARSH weather

3-583 pinterest pictures

Ok off to watch The Five Year Engagement.  Has anyone seen it?

Last one – because this is true for EVERYONE at ANYTIME:

Why do you run?

What inspires you?

What do you like to do when you’re stuck inside for a big storm?

It’s Getting Real

Hi Everyone!

I hope that you are all staying dry and safe from Hurricane Sandy.  I find it kind of strange that for the past two hurricane seasons since I’ve moved from New Jersey to Florida, the hurricanes have been hitting NJ worse than they have here.  Ironic, no?

So I am going to make a genuine effort to update this more often.  As opposed to all of those fake efforts.  Because it is getting REAL now.  My training plan for the half marathon starts on Monday!!   I’m excited to get started.  I took it easy this week knowing that it will get harder over the next few weeks.

Monday – 3 miles @ 10:10 pace

Tuesday – strength training upper body & abs

Wednesday – spin 60 minutes

Thursday – strength training legs

Friday – slept in 🙂

Saturday – 6 miles @ 9:42 pace

Today’s run was great !

I used the same route as I did last week and even though I left later, it was cooler and there was a LOT of wind the whole time.  Going out it was good against my back but on the way home it made things kind of difficult.  I felt great the whole time and was excited to be able to come home to look at this and geek out:

Immediately I spent a little while looking at all of the different ways Garmin dissects each run.  I’m glad to see that I sped up each mile and hope that I can keep that up as I get into training.  Next week gets right into it.  I will have an easy 2 miles on Monday, a 5 mile tempo run on Wednesday, and then an easy 6 miles on Saturday.  I am going to stop going to my Wednesday spin class to fit the tempo in and maybe go to one on Friday instead.

One more from today’s run before I go

I told you I was excited.  Aren’t you jealous that you don’t get to live with this psycho?  And yes after my run, I need both hands to hold up my phone.  It gets heavy, ya know?

Also check out Monica @ Run Eat Repeat’s Holiday challenge to help us avoid that holiday bulge!!

Ok I’m off to clean, lounge, and play with this crazy alien puppy.  Why do their eyes do that in pictures?

Happy Saturday!

Yes that is a half empty halloween candy bag in the background.  Don’t judge.  I need carbs, don’t I?

Race Envy and Another Sign I’m a Runner

Happy Saturday Everyone!

First of all, I let you all down from my last post and never gushed about my Monday morning run.  That’s ok because today’s was even better!  So I’ll start with today and then work backwards.  I woke up this morning a little before 9 and had the pre-run fuel of champions, one of these babies.

Terrible for you, yes.  Have I had awesome runs anytime I’ve had one beforehand?  Yes yes and yes!  When I went outside it was already about 80 degrees and sun everywhere.  Go figure for South Florida.  I went out and I felt good the ENTIRE 6.2 miles (except when I tripped off the curb in front of 100 cars that were stopped at a red light, I felt kinda stupid for a minute there)… it’s amazing what a few new songs to my playlist will do.  I also loved that I ran almost the same route that I do in the morning but since that’s normally completely pitch black, it seemed completely new to me.  Has that ever happened?  Not even running but just experiencing the same thing in a new way?  I think that’s pretty cool.

Here’s how the week looked… add 10 hours of work and 2 hours of driving to each day:


6.2 miles outside @10:02 pace


3.2 miles outside @10:03 pace


strength training at the gym, legs & abs


my favorite spin class 🙂


elliptical for 20 minutes then strength training – arms


4 miles outside @10:22 pace

We were going to go see a production of Little Shop of Horrors tonight at a local theater but Jeff has been really sick for the past few days and he was stuck doing schoolwork all day so we’re going to stay in, this is more my kind of Saturday anyway 🙂  I have spent all day watching Gossip Girl episodes on Netflix (there I said it) and stalking blogs and twitter and it seems that everyone was out RACING this weekend, and you have all done awesome jobs!  Reading about the excitement is making me a little jealous/excited/anxious to be ready to race.  I know that doing a race right now wouldn’t be smart because I don’t know how to do one ‘just for the fun of it’ and would either push myself too much and get hurt or be disappointed with my performance/time.  Until February I will live vicariously through all of you out there.  I think that my favorite blog posts to read are by far the race recaps!  It’s so exciting to hear about the experiences and the energy is contagious.

I had other plans for this post since getting my first copy of Women’s Running in the mail a few days ago, but a few minutes after I started writing there was a knock on the door and Santa Claus was there with an early gift for me!

Ok so it was actually the mailman bringing me this GARMIN that I ordered but I certainly feel like a kid on Christmas 🙂  Special thanks to ebay for saving me some big big bucks $$  Also don’t mind the red face, one bad thing about always running in the dark is that I am not used to having to put sunscreen on and got a slight burn this morning.  I have been using Nike+ app on my phone but based on running on the treadmill and also the fun run a few weeks ago that I am told was 6.5 miles, the GPS in the app is a bit generous and not always accurate.  Also I keep my phone on my arm while I run so I can’t see my pace until I get home, so I decided to get this in prep for training for the half I am running in February.  Another sign I’m a ‘Real’ runner now 🙂  The plan I’m using starts in only a week from now and I can’t wait!

I can’t wait any longer, I’m going to rip open this box and start obsessing about all the wonderful data it will be soon giving me.  Enjoy the rest of your Saturday!

Everyone go check out some awesome giveaways on Megan, Marcia, and Ericka‘s blogs!

Any races for you this weekend?

What shows do you watch that you’re embarrassed to admit?  C’mon all of you closeted Jersey Shore fans!!

Do you like to buy things on ebay?


The Festival of Chocolate & a Mile @ the Track

Hello everyone!

You will be happy to hear that my rest day was a success! I didn’t leave the house and ate pumpkin pancakes & watched tv all day. It was wonderful. The end of Run for Your Life was great. I teared up when they showed Fred Lebow running across the finish line when he ran.

Sunday was a bit busier. I decided that for the 1/2 marathon in February, I am going to use the Runners’ World SmartCoach training (the free one). In order to build the training plan, it asks for a recent race time. That’s where it got tricky… Because my most recent race that I actually ran in and knew the distance of was about 5 years ago, I chose the one mile track trial option. Fancy right?! Oh, modern technology how I love you.

I found a track about 25 minutes from my house… (all of the schools around here lock their tracks?) and was oddly nervous. I did a lap to warm up and then got going. The last time I ran only a mile was way too long ago and I had no clue how hard to go. So of course I went way too fast in the first lap and then almost died for the rest of the one measly mile.

Jeff was an excellent stop watch worker and even ran a lap with me after I was done. He claims he will never be a runner but I will trick him into it eventually. I’ll get a garmin someday before my training starts in the next few weeks but until then it’s all iphone.

Based on the 7:38 mile, and the fact that I’ve been running 10-15 miles a week, if I follow the 16 week training plan I should finish the half in 1:52! A lot of numbers in that last sentence, I know. The finance person in me loves 😉 That is 11 minutes faster than the one I ran a hundred years ago so I’m pumped and re-invigorated.

After the track, we got cleaned up (well I changed at least) and we went to heaven on earth: A Festival of Chocolate!!! Thank you to Groupon for telling me about this wondrous event and for getting me an awesome deal. You know me so well 🙂

All of these people were there to eat CHOCOLATE. There were lots of local vendors, some just selling their goodies and others had contests or games set up for kids. There were also demonstrations with Food Network people but we skipped those and just walked around eating our faces off, with me drooling the whole time. Did I mention I love chocolate? There were also fun facts about chocolate all around the stadium and I learned that chocolate is the healthiest food ever and that Switzerland is the country with the most chocoholics.

That is a cake! This talented decorator only got 2nd place in the competition and we could not believe it, the first place cake didn’t even deserve a picture and was just a few pumpkins sitting on top of one another, all the same color. I think the contest was rigged. They got mad when I tried to take a bite out of this beauty so Jeff had to take me downstairs to get something to eat:

That is waffle pieces, strawberries, and nutella. We were supposed to split it but I think I ate 4/5 of this dish. Ok now I’m drooling again enough with the chocolate talk! It was fun, but you had to pay for everything you wanted to try so it wound up being more pricey than I thought it would be, oh well.

Yes I know that it is Tuesday and I’ve only gotten to Sunday but my love for chocolate and my excitement for my training takes a lot of words! I will talk about yesterday tomorrow (confused yet? I am). There is a reason for that, I had a run outside yesterday that deserves its own post…stay tuned 🙂

Everyone go check out RunLikeaGrl‘s Tommie Copper’s Giveaway! And read her race recap, awesome job at your relay Megan!

Do you do any of your workouts on a track?

Do you like chocolate?

What fun things took up your weekend?



A rest day and being realistic

Today I’m taking a true rest day.  No running, no strength training, no fun weddings and dancing the night away.  Ironic considering my complaino last post about never having time for anything?  Kind of.  But from reading all of the expert rockstar blogs out there, I realize having time for real rest is just as important.  Meaning there will be a lot of this:

Don’t pretend you’re not jealous of my purple socks.  Last night I was planning on waking up early today and running 8 miles.  But when I fell asleep at 8:30 and didn’t wake up until almost 10 this morning, I had second thoughts and decided to listen to my sleepy body.  I had good workouts on Thursday and Friday, ran another lovely 1.8 miles before a leg workout on Thursday, and yesterday I ran outside for 4 miles in 39 minutes before the sun came up.  And disappointingly, 4 miles felt HARD.  Harder especially considering how slow I felt like I was going.

I didn’t expect getting back into running to be so challenging.  It has gotten me pretty disappointed, and then I saw someone posted this on twitter:


I liked it as soon as I saw it, but it made even MORE sense after last night.  Last night I watched the beginning of ‘Run for Your Life’, a documentary about Fred Lebow who started the NYC Marathon.  Did you know that the first NYC marathon was 4 laps around central park & that no women were able to finish?  Crazy right!? It wasn’t until 6 years later in 1976 that the marathon went through all 5 boroughs and even then everyone doubted that the event would be successful or even safe.

Now I didn’t finish watching yet (remember I fell asleep at 8:30) not because it wasn’t interesting I was just THAT tired.  But between seeing that quote and watching as much as I did, I’m realizing that I have to be more realistic and have faith that everything happens for a reason.  I’m not a freshman in high school cross country running 7:00 miles like it’s nothing.  And I’m not 22 and able to run a half marathon in 2:00 without training anything more than 3 miles, not caring about the injuries it would cause and the months that would turn into years of me not running.  I know that all of those things from the past happened to let me know that I have the potential to be a great runner (for me) but it’s going to take TIME and real training.  I can’t go out there and expect to run 10 miles like it’s nothing, or train seriously (and not even that seriously since I have such little amounts of time) for a month and get disappointed that it’s still hard and I still have a long way to go.

So I’m looking forward it being hard and being grateful that I can run at all.  Despite how far or fast.  I mean, Fred Lebow admitted that he himself wasn’t a great runner and he started one of the world’s best marathons all because he BELIEVED in it when NO ONE else did.  Pretty amazing, huh?

Even if it is not running you’re trying to accomplish or even anything physical, just don’t let yourself get discouraged if you’re not seeing the results you expected.  Things take time and it’s sooooooo cliche but it’s not necessarily all about the end goal, it’s about getting there 🙂

I’m off to lounge and learn more about the NYC marathon.  Have a great weekend!!! 🙂

Why are there only 24

hours in a day?? It is seriously getting in the way of the 29,483 things I want to do every day.  And half marathon and marathon training is not going to happen with the 1.76 mile runs I’ve been getting in before work.

Yesterday morning I ran a done in a flash 1.76 miles in 18 minutes on the treadmill with a 1% incline before I had a chance to even start sweating and then did strength training for a little while with the trainer I go to twice a week.  That’s when the real sweating began with these chicken arms working their hardest.  I ended with these plank push up things that made me think I really was going to get up and my arms would still be on the mat.  I started seeing a trainer when I hurt my knee hoping to help me after physical therapy for my injury and I wound up finding it so much more helpful than physical therapy ever was (sorry to all of the very good PTs out there, I just happened to not go to one apparently).  After that I worked for about 32 hours and went to a 5 hour meeting for Junior League.  It’s my first year and I’m loving it! I came home and had about 27 seconds for dinner and puppy/fiance time.  Like my math?  Yes that’s what it feels like.

Seriously though how do you find time for everything there is to do in a day?  I don’t have kids and really don’t feel like I want to do things out of the ordinary and just can never seem to fit everything in.  Half the time my head is spinning and I’m not sure where I’m on my way to or from.  And then there’s this:It’s the worst picture in the world taken from the inside of my car on my way home tonight but if you look out the window there is a man with a horse.  I needed to take this to make sure I wasn’t completely losing it.  Now while I have seen horses before and for many it’s not unusual, but I work in Miami.  Why is there a horse on the street in Miami?!  I don’t know.  If my dog starts talking to me tonight I won’t be too surprised.

They say that it takes 28 days for something to become a habit.  Now if my nonsensical math works then that means that the fact that this morning was the 3rd Wednesday in a row going to the 5:45am spin class is officially a habit and I’m pretty psyched.  I still don’t think I’m coming close to keeping up, but I’m coming closer than I was!  I talked to the teacher after class today and he told me that in the hour class he goes about 23 miles and burns about 700 calories… that is some seriously calorie burning to happen before 7am!!!  Now I did not even know that our meters told us how many calories we burned but in today’s class I went 20 miles so I was only 3 miles behind!  This guy is a BEAST at spinning so I am incredibly proud of myself for that.

In other useless and exciting only to me news, these puppies came in the mail yesterday, my very first pair of ProCompression socks.  They will be super helpful in recovery for all of my 1.76 mile runs at a pace that I can probably walk faster than.
Does anyone want to come clean the grout in our tile?  Ok enough of my negative Nancying, I just have to keep doing what I can when I can and find time when there is some.  I have a suspicion that I am making little to no sense tonight, so I apologize if you’ve actually suffered through this whole thing.

How do you make time for everything in your lives?

Ever see any too strange to be true things while driving?

Where’d Last week go?

Wow I am great at being consistent about posting aren’t I 🙂  I have good reason for not posting in a week though, the past week has been CRAZY.  I don’t know how to explain everything in a way that won’t bore you to tears I’ll keep it short and sweet.  Here is what I’ve been up to:

1 – Running outside Monday morning before the sun came up = awesome and eye opening.  I am realizing how much slower I am outside than on the treadmill, and how nice it is to run outside!!  This got me more excited to run and also filled me with self doubt whenever I would read another running blog about all you speed demons out there.  Had to re-group and realize I am doing this for ME not to win a race or impress anyone.

2 – Worked like a mad woman all week long. Quarter closing for corporate finance is the equivalent of tax time for accountants = lots of stress, excel, and no time at home 🙁

3 – Running & strength training or spin class every day before work – Jeff started going to the gym with me in the morning which is helping me to not flake!  And now I can get more miles each week.  After Monday, it rained every morning so I stuck to the treadmill and added an incline to help make it feel more like I was running outside.  It worked, although made me much slower as I suspected.  But it’s OK – I’ll get better if I make it better!

4 – Was getting ready all week to go to New Jersey for my BFFFFF Jess & Nick’s wedding!!! Was the funnest weekend ever and we got to spend it with these crazy kids.  Couldn’t have imagined a better day for them 🙂 They had a rehearsal on Friday and then the wedding on Saturday night in NY.  It was raining a little that day but cleared up just in time for the ceremony.

The Wedding Party

The happy couple 🙂

Me & Jeff!

So all in all, it was a busier week than normal but overall a good one.  Spending so many hours at work isn’t ideal but it’s a necessary evil right now (we do have to pay bills every once in a while 😉 ) Learned a little more about my running, and it ended with a great weekend with all of my favorite people.

Do you run slower or faster on the treadmill than on the road?

Did you do anything fun this weekend?

What’s the funnest wedding you’ve been to?

Solving Hunger in South Beach

Yesterday I went to a fun run in SOUTH BEACH as part of the Women’s Health Run10Feed10 10 city challenge!

It was really small, but a lot of fun!  My friend Jillian that I work with came and we ran the whole thing together.  I can’t believe I have been running on the treadmill for all of these months and depriving myself of this:

In case you were wondering, Apple Fanatics are as crazy as runners.  Up and ready to go at 7am to get the newest iPhone?!

Even though it was supposed to be a 10K, when we got back to the start (it was an out and back route), they were saying it was actually 6.5 miles…. and my Nike+ said that it was 6.9 miles.  So who knows.   I have learned that I am not an anal about numbers runner (yet) because I’m satisfied that I ran some distance between 6.2 and 6.9 miles yesterday.
Yes, I do run with the ginormous beats headphones.  It is crazy, but I love them.  I’ve tried every type of earbud out there and they just don’t work.  The beats do, and I look cool.  Right?  Yeah ok. I thought it was so awesome that a small fun run had food for after the race.  Then I found out it was ceviche… at 8am, I passed.  Oh, South Beach.

Overall I had a great time and re-remembered (made up word) how much nicer it is to run outside instead of on a treadmill.

After the run, Jeff and I went to the mall to pick up a few things for a wedding for my bffs Jess & Nick in New Jersey next week.  I can’t wait!!!!  There was also sushi involved.  And about 300 pieces of edamame, I can’t control myself around that stuff.  Somehow by 9:30 Jeff was doing homework and I was unconscious sleeping on the couch.  Look up the meaning of party animals.  It’s a good picture, no?

Today was a jumble of errands and grocery shopping and strength training (LEGS ouch!) and Jingo walking and house cleaning and laundry and other various Sunday items 🙂

Which do you like better, treadmill or outside?

Do you LOVE weddings?  What is your favorite part?