Why are there only 24

hours in a day?? It is seriously getting in the way of the 29,483 things I want to do every day.  And half marathon and marathon training is not going to happen with the 1.76 mile runs I’ve been getting in before work.

Yesterday morning I ran a done in a flash 1.76 miles in 18 minutes on the treadmill with a 1% incline before I had a chance to even start sweating and then did strength training for a little while with the trainer I go to twice a week.  That’s when the real sweating began with these chicken arms working their hardest.  I ended with these plank push up things that made me think I really was going to get up and my arms would still be on the mat.  I started seeing a trainer when I hurt my knee hoping to help me after physical therapy for my injury and I wound up finding it so much more helpful than physical therapy ever was (sorry to all of the very good PTs out there, I just happened to not go to one apparently).  After that I worked for about 32 hours and went to a 5 hour meeting for Junior League.  It’s my first year and I’m loving it! I came home and had about 27 seconds for dinner and puppy/fiance time.  Like my math?  Yes that’s what it feels like.

Seriously though how do you find time for everything there is to do in a day?  I don’t have kids and really don’t feel like I want to do things out of the ordinary and just can never seem to fit everything in.  Half the time my head is spinning and I’m not sure where I’m on my way to or from.  And then there’s this:It’s the worst picture in the world taken from the inside of my car on my way home tonight but if you look out the window there is a man with a horse.  I needed to take this to make sure I wasn’t completely losing it.  Now while I have seen horses before and for many it’s not unusual, but I work in Miami.  Why is there a horse on the street in Miami?!  I don’t know.  If my dog starts talking to me tonight I won’t be too surprised.

They say that it takes 28 days for something to become a habit.  Now if my nonsensical math works then that means that the fact that this morning was the 3rd Wednesday in a row going to the 5:45am spin class is officially a habit and I’m pretty psyched.  I still don’t think I’m coming close to keeping up, but I’m coming closer than I was!  I talked to the teacher after class today and he told me that in the hour class he goes about 23 miles and burns about 700 calories… that is some seriously calorie burning to happen before 7am!!!  Now I did not even know that our meters told us how many calories we burned but in today’s class I went 20 miles so I was only 3 miles behind!  This guy is a BEAST at spinning so I am incredibly proud of myself for that.

In other useless and exciting only to me news, these puppies came in the mail yesterday, my very first pair of ProCompression socks.  They will be super helpful in recovery for all of my 1.76 mile runs at a pace that I can probably walk faster than.
Does anyone want to come clean the grout in our tile?  Ok enough of my negative Nancying, I just have to keep doing what I can when I can and find time when there is some.  I have a suspicion that I am making little to no sense tonight, so I apologize if you’ve actually suffered through this whole thing.

How do you make time for everything in your lives?

Ever see any too strange to be true things while driving?

2 thoughts on “Why are there only 24

  1. Stephanie (Bennis) Shirley says:

    I recently read a quote that said “Don’t prioritize your schedule, schedule your priorities.” Meaning start your day with mapping out time for what’s most important to you then allowing the rest to fill in. I’m an avid runner myself and it’s not always easy to make time for long runs each day especially when they take up 1-2 hours of your day (and with seasons constantly changing!), but I have found value in scheduling them into my day just like a non-negotiable work meeting. Sometimes this means a very early or very late run, but they can also be the most fulfilling. Good luck on your training!

    • Maureen says:

      That’s definitely great advice! I think I’m EXCELLENT at making excuses for why I am missing out on things I want to do when I really can control more than I allow myself too.

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