The Festival of Chocolate & a Mile @ the Track

Hello everyone!

You will be happy to hear that my rest day was a success! I didn’t leave the house and ate pumpkin pancakes & watched tv all day. It was wonderful. The end of Run for Your Life was great. I teared up when they showed Fred Lebow running across the finish line when he ran.

Sunday was a bit busier. I decided that for the 1/2 marathon in February, I am going to use the Runners’ World SmartCoach training (the free one). In order to build the training plan, it asks for a recent race time. That’s where it got tricky… Because my most recent race that I actually ran in and knew the distance of was about 5 years ago, I chose the one mile track trial option. Fancy right?! Oh, modern technology how I love you.

I found a track about 25 minutes from my house… (all of the schools around here lock their tracks?) and was oddly nervous. I did a lap to warm up and then got going. The last time I ran only a mile was way too long ago and I had no clue how hard to go. So of course I went way too fast in the first lap and then almost died for the rest of the one measly mile.

Jeff was an excellent stop watch worker and even ran a lap with me after I was done. He claims he will never be a runner but I will trick him into it eventually. I’ll get a garmin someday before my training starts in the next few weeks but until then it’s all iphone.

Based on the 7:38 mile, and the fact that I’ve been running 10-15 miles a week, if I follow the 16 week training plan I should finish the half in 1:52! A lot of numbers in that last sentence, I know. The finance person in me loves 😉 That is 11 minutes faster than the one I ran a hundred years ago so I’m pumped and re-invigorated.

After the track, we got cleaned up (well I changed at least) and we went to heaven on earth: A Festival of Chocolate!!! Thank you to Groupon for telling me about this wondrous event and for getting me an awesome deal. You know me so well 🙂

All of these people were there to eat CHOCOLATE. There were lots of local vendors, some just selling their goodies and others had contests or games set up for kids. There were also demonstrations with Food Network people but we skipped those and just walked around eating our faces off, with me drooling the whole time. Did I mention I love chocolate? There were also fun facts about chocolate all around the stadium and I learned that chocolate is the healthiest food ever and that Switzerland is the country with the most chocoholics.

That is a cake! This talented decorator only got 2nd place in the competition and we could not believe it, the first place cake didn’t even deserve a picture and was just a few pumpkins sitting on top of one another, all the same color. I think the contest was rigged. They got mad when I tried to take a bite out of this beauty so Jeff had to take me downstairs to get something to eat:

That is waffle pieces, strawberries, and nutella. We were supposed to split it but I think I ate 4/5 of this dish. Ok now I’m drooling again enough with the chocolate talk! It was fun, but you had to pay for everything you wanted to try so it wound up being more pricey than I thought it would be, oh well.

Yes I know that it is Tuesday and I’ve only gotten to Sunday but my love for chocolate and my excitement for my training takes a lot of words! I will talk about yesterday tomorrow (confused yet? I am). There is a reason for that, I had a run outside yesterday that deserves its own post…stay tuned 🙂

Everyone go check out RunLikeaGrl‘s Tommie Copper’s Giveaway! And read her race recap, awesome job at your relay Megan!

Do you do any of your workouts on a track?

Do you like chocolate?

What fun things took up your weekend?



4 thoughts on “The Festival of Chocolate & a Mile @ the Track

    • Maureen says:

      Thanks, Megan! Yes the last mile is definitely the hardest, and I have a long way to go to get there. Seriously I could’ve died in that stadium of chocolatey goodness and been happy. Hope you’re doing great!

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