Race Envy and Another Sign I’m a Runner

Happy Saturday Everyone!

First of all, I let you all down from my last post and never gushed about my Monday morning run.  That’s ok because today’s was even better!  So I’ll start with today and then work backwards.  I woke up this morning a little before 9 and had the pre-run fuel of champions, one of these babies.

Terrible for you, yes.  Have I had awesome runs anytime I’ve had one beforehand?  Yes yes and yes!  When I went outside it was already about 80 degrees and sun everywhere.  Go figure for South Florida.  I went out and I felt good the ENTIRE 6.2 miles (except when I tripped off the curb in front of 100 cars that were stopped at a red light, I felt kinda stupid for a minute there)… it’s amazing what a few new songs to my playlist will do.  I also loved that I ran almost the same route that I do in the morning but since that’s normally completely pitch black, it seemed completely new to me.  Has that ever happened?  Not even running but just experiencing the same thing in a new way?  I think that’s pretty cool.

Here’s how the week looked… add 10 hours of work and 2 hours of driving to each day:


6.2 miles outside @10:02 pace


3.2 miles outside @10:03 pace


strength training at the gym, legs & abs


my favorite spin class 🙂


elliptical for 20 minutes then strength training – arms


4 miles outside @10:22 pace

We were going to go see a production of Little Shop of Horrors tonight at a local theater but Jeff has been really sick for the past few days and he was stuck doing schoolwork all day so we’re going to stay in, this is more my kind of Saturday anyway 🙂  I have spent all day watching Gossip Girl episodes on Netflix (there I said it) and stalking blogs and twitter and it seems that everyone was out RACING this weekend, and you have all done awesome jobs!  Reading about the excitement is making me a little jealous/excited/anxious to be ready to race.  I know that doing a race right now wouldn’t be smart because I don’t know how to do one ‘just for the fun of it’ and would either push myself too much and get hurt or be disappointed with my performance/time.  Until February I will live vicariously through all of you out there.  I think that my favorite blog posts to read are by far the race recaps!  It’s so exciting to hear about the experiences and the energy is contagious.

I had other plans for this post since getting my first copy of Women’s Running in the mail a few days ago, but a few minutes after I started writing there was a knock on the door and Santa Claus was there with an early gift for me!

Ok so it was actually the mailman bringing me this GARMIN that I ordered but I certainly feel like a kid on Christmas 🙂  Special thanks to ebay for saving me some big big bucks $$  Also don’t mind the red face, one bad thing about always running in the dark is that I am not used to having to put sunscreen on and got a slight burn this morning.  I have been using Nike+ app on my phone but based on running on the treadmill and also the fun run a few weeks ago that I am told was 6.5 miles, the GPS in the app is a bit generous and not always accurate.  Also I keep my phone on my arm while I run so I can’t see my pace until I get home, so I decided to get this in prep for training for the half I am running in February.  Another sign I’m a ‘Real’ runner now 🙂  The plan I’m using starts in only a week from now and I can’t wait!

I can’t wait any longer, I’m going to rip open this box and start obsessing about all the wonderful data it will be soon giving me.  Enjoy the rest of your Saturday!

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Any races for you this weekend?

What shows do you watch that you’re embarrassed to admit?  C’mon all of you closeted Jersey Shore fans!!

Do you like to buy things on ebay?


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