It’s Getting Real

Hi Everyone!

I hope that you are all staying dry and safe from Hurricane Sandy.  I find it kind of strange that for the past two hurricane seasons since I’ve moved from New Jersey to Florida, the hurricanes have been hitting NJ worse than they have here.  Ironic, no?

So I am going to make a genuine effort to update this more often.  As opposed to all of those fake efforts.  Because it is getting REAL now.  My training plan for the half marathon starts on Monday!!   I’m excited to get started.  I took it easy this week knowing that it will get harder over the next few weeks.

Monday – 3 miles @ 10:10 pace

Tuesday – strength training upper body & abs

Wednesday – spin 60 minutes

Thursday – strength training legs

Friday – slept in 🙂

Saturday – 6 miles @ 9:42 pace

Today’s run was great !

I used the same route as I did last week and even though I left later, it was cooler and there was a LOT of wind the whole time.  Going out it was good against my back but on the way home it made things kind of difficult.  I felt great the whole time and was excited to be able to come home to look at this and geek out:

Immediately I spent a little while looking at all of the different ways Garmin dissects each run.  I’m glad to see that I sped up each mile and hope that I can keep that up as I get into training.  Next week gets right into it.  I will have an easy 2 miles on Monday, a 5 mile tempo run on Wednesday, and then an easy 6 miles on Saturday.  I am going to stop going to my Wednesday spin class to fit the tempo in and maybe go to one on Friday instead.

One more from today’s run before I go

I told you I was excited.  Aren’t you jealous that you don’t get to live with this psycho?  And yes after my run, I need both hands to hold up my phone.  It gets heavy, ya know?

Also check out Monica @ Run Eat Repeat’s Holiday challenge to help us avoid that holiday bulge!!

Ok I’m off to clean, lounge, and play with this crazy alien puppy.  Why do their eyes do that in pictures?

Happy Saturday!

Yes that is a half empty halloween candy bag in the background.  Don’t judge.  I need carbs, don’t I?

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