Training Begins and Bursting my Bubble

Hi Everyone,

Hopefully you still have power to read this 🙂  Today was officially my first day of my training program for the half I’m doing in February.  Because I’ve been putting in pretty low mileage regularly each week, the program called for only 2 miles today at 10:36 pace.  I got out there this morning and it felt COLD.  Which made me realize I’ve been in Florida for too long because it was 60 degrees and I felt like it was 40.  I finished up my 2 miles @ 10:21 pace (I tried to go slower but it didn’t work) and then went inside the gym and hopped on the elliptical for another 20 minutes.

Since I decided to get back into racing, my knee that I have had problems with before has been acting up little by little.  It hasn’t been ongoing pain, more like it would bother me at the beginning of a run and then once I’m warmed up it would leave me alone.  Trying to be the responsible and proactive new and improved runner, I decided to work from home today and get it checked out by a Dr.  He took an X-ray and said my ‘joint spaces’ looked good but when he was examining me he turned my knee and it kept popping which he said is NOT RIGHT.  I need to get an MRI and cannot run, use the elliptical, stair master, or do any type of squatting or lunging until I do so.  Exactly the opposite of what I wanted to hear.  I was really hoping he would tell me that it was just sore and I was being a wimp and to keep up with my strength training.  So my training is being put on hold just as quickly as it started.  My very first SETBACK of this race prep.  Boo 🙁

Not the best news but I’m trying to be positive.  There’s still enough time that whatever is wrong will hopefully be fixed with enough time to get plenty of training in.  I can still SPIN so I can go to my favorite class on Wednesday and not feel as bad that I can’t keep up because at least I am getting my heart rate up.  And maybe I will add some swimming to my routine.  Jingo was so disappointed in hearing the news that she retreated to the bedroom and turned on her alien eyes.

So we’ll see.  I should find out tomorrow when I can get the MRI.

Completely unrelated and random, we started to catch up on all that Tivo has been holding for us and in my sadness I got away with slipping a Glee in there, and they did an awesome cover of Katy Perry’s Teenage Dream – and I do NOT like Katy Perry usually.  Check it out.  It’s good, I promise!

How do you cope with setbacks?

Do you watch Glee?

Why in the world do dogs’ eyes turn alien in pictures?!

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