Why run?

I hope everyone has lots of food and water and blankets as Sandy makes her way to you!  Emails were sent that our offices in NJ & PA are closed tomorrow.  Can I get away with taking a sympathy day here in their honor?  Probably not.

Today was a rest day.  Although I did go grocery shopping and pushing that cart around is pretty hard, so maybe I can count some arm work for these chicken arms 😉  I spent a good part of my day what you’re supposed to do on rest days.  Stalk pinterest and find 27 recipes to make, and see 5 different ways to reorganize my house, but my favorite of all are all of the little motivational pictures.  You know, like this one:

I get sucked into these things so easily and want to get up and go nuts but I held back and stuck to the couch.  Thinking about my run yesterday, a few of them got me thinking.

Since I left a little later than usual for my run yesterday, I saw more people out and about than usual, doing normal Saturday normal things, working in their yards and such.  I don’t live in an area where a lot of people run, and I got a few strange looks as I ran by.  Now it could be because of my unmatched running outfit or uncombed hair, but it seemed more like the ‘why on earth are you running if no one is chasing you’ kind of stares.  Which is I guess a good question.

Why run?

On top of the health benefits, I run because I can.  I started running in high school and it’s one of the few things you can do with no equipment or gym membership, and do it by yourself.  It’s possible to start and stop and build yourself back up.  I’m a work in progress that’s proof of that.  You can control your pace and push yourself beyond your limits.  I like it because it gets you outside and feeling the air and sun and you look at things differently when you’re running.  It’s especially fun to see all of the little lizard babies scurrying along.  Running is something that so many people CAN do but they don’t.

I’m experiencing firsthand that it’s not easy in the beginning, and it shouldn’t be.  Running is breaking down the body only for it to heal and rebuild into something so much stronger.  If that’s not the biggest metaphor for any challenge and experience through life, what is?

Things that have inspired me lately:

1-watching the Ironman in Kona yesterday

2-everyone who ran the Marine Corps Marathon today in HARSH weather

3-583 pinterest pictures

Ok off to watch The Five Year Engagement.  Has anyone seen it?

Last one – because this is true for EVERYONE at ANYTIME:

Why do you run?

What inspires you?

What do you like to do when you’re stuck inside for a big storm?

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