Pictureless Post

Happy Black Friday!  and belated Turkey day 🙂

I am recovering from eating my face off yesterday and enjoying time while my parents are visiting from New Jersey!  They got in on Wednesday night and will be here until Sunday.  We spent all day yesterday cooking, eating, being thankful, and laughing at all of the funny human like things Jingo will do.  I swear she is a little person trapped in a dog’s body.

There was no running or exercising yesterday and I am not sorry!  I am still following my training plan for the half and this week was 3 easy 4 milers Monday, Wednesday, and tomorrow.  Monday and Wednesday were checked off the list in ‘cool’ 60 degree weather and had me breaking out the running pants for the first time in Florida and I liked it.  I eat a lot on Thanksgiving.  A LOT.  But you know what?  It’s one day and I’m not going to hold back just because I’m training for a race, I don’t think worrying about eating too much for one day on the best eating day of the year will affect my performance.  If the race was today or tomorrow then sure, but it’s not so I’m golden 🙂

No Black Friday early shopping for me.  There is not nearly enough organization or thoughts of holiday shopping yet for me to brave those battlefields.  We went for a drive last night and on the way back we saw people lined up outside of Target at 7:30…. go home and eat some pumpkin pie people!!  No deal can be that great, sorry.  Not worth it to me.  But who am I.

Keeping this one short folks, the next few days will be filled with relaxing, visits to a Brazilian steakhouse, an antique car museum, and maybe a cruise tour of all of the mansions in this area.  Hope you have a long weekend too and that you get to enjoy it with family!

Anyone braving the shopping crowds today?

What’s your favorite Thanksgiving food?

Who started off their Thanksgiving with a run?


Good things and First Tempo Attempt…

was a success!  and also last Wednesday.  I absolutely stink at finding time for this.  But there are so many good things that I need to get better at it.

The Tempo Run:

I went out last Wednesday before work attempting to do 5 miles like this:  10:36, 9:01, 9:01, 9:01, 10:36.  Here’s what I wound up with:

I do my own hair. Can you believe I’m not a professional

The sun was just coming up at this point. That makes this picture cool and artistic to me.

All the numbers

I would’ve been happier if my goal had been 8:50 instead of 9:01 but I’m psyched anyway because the last long run before this I threw in a couple spurts of the 9 minute pace and it felt like death so I had gone into this thinking I didn’t have it in me and I was destined to be stuck at my 10ish minute miles forever.  So a pleasant surprise.  I might be made of more than I think sometimes.

More Running and not running

Before the tempo run I had done an easy 2 miles on Monday and strength training on Tuesday (upper body/abs) and Thursday (legs/abs).  Since my knee had started bothering me I had cut out legs because my Dr. said to, so now that I’m clear to work them again Thursdays workout hit me HARD.  Like not able to walk normally for two days afterward hard.  And I didn’t push myself tooooo hard either.  I just get out of the swing of things too easily.  So I’m very glad to be back in the game.

Saturday I went out for my longest run of my training so far – 7 miles… woohoo!!  It was more of the same from what my long runs have looked like: 10:15, 10:14, 10:27, 9:58, 9:47, 9:36, 9:24, 8:50.  Average overall was 9:57 for 7 miles in 1:09:46.  I have to learn to plan a route better.  I have my 6 mile loop down but the 7 miles took some creativity.  Since I go out and back I figured that I could just make another small mile loop somewhere but it didn’t work out so at the end of the run it was me running around my block 4 times until I hit 7…. oops.

Mezamashii and Mizuno

My run this morning was extra special because it was my first time testing out these bad boys:

pretty shoes

I have never won anything in a random drawing/lottery type of thing.  And I won free awesome sneakers!  The nicest Ericka ran a giveaway on her blog a few weeks ago and I was one of the 10 lucky winners!!  Included in this giveaway was an invitation to Mizuno’s Mezamashii project.  ‘Mezamashii’ means brilliant run.  Mizuno is giving out tons of sneakers to runners in lieu of spending crazy amounts of dollars on advertising to allow us to find our brilliant run and enjoy running, all because they have so much confidence in their product.  That is pretty cool!  I chose the Wave Creation 13 based on their handy dandy ‘Which of these prettiest sneakers are best for my running type and make me the fastest ever’ tool (ok or maybe it’s called ‘Precision Fit’ tool but who’s counting).  When I came home from work one day last week and saw that the box had arrived, I was so excited that I had to try them on right away (don’t mind the dorky accounting work clothes).

The sneakers are on my feet. And they are awesome.

Even the bottoms look cool!

I’ve never tried Mizuno sneakers before so I was nervous but excited to try them. Right now I’m in Saucony ProGrid Ride 5 which is a bit lighter but I didn’t really notice the difference with one run.  So far they are nice and bouncy and I like that there is a ton of room (width-wise) for my toes so hopefully I won’t get as many blisters and maybe actually keep some toenails!  I went for an easy 4 miles in them and will keep using them on my shorter runs until I get used to them.  So stay tuned 🙂

Ok that’s all from me for tonight!  Adios

False Alarm and Roadkill Run

Happy Sunday!

As I had mentioned a little while ago, my knee had started to bother me so I went to a orthopedist to get it checked out.  I heard back from the Dr. on Thursday about the MRI I had and the only thing he saw was some “normal” wear and tear under my kneecap, not a torn meniscus which he had initially thought.  So I’m cleared to run!  And can continue my training.  I just have to be careful with lunges, squats, the elliptical, and stair master.  So ultimately, it was a false alarm!

Since I was free to continue my training, I headed out for my 6 mile run.  I started out slow and everything felt heavy after the first mile I found my groove.  No pain from knee 🙂


This is the elevation for the route.  I don’t think it could get any flatter.  Luckily the race I’m training for is similar but I still thought this was pretty crazy!  Flat roads make for fast times…

Among other things that I noticed during this run, I saw a gross amount of roadkill.  I guess it’s strange that I haven’t seen more but it seemed a little bit exorbitant.  I saw 2 huge Jingo sized possums, a squirrel, and something that looked like it might’ve been a raccoon at some point.  GROSS!  I think I might have to explore some new routes.  As my runs get longer, I’m looking forward making my way down to beach for some nicer scenery.   On the plus side, I think seeing these things that I would rather not see made me faster 🙂


I’m going to keep it my goal to maintain those negative splits through all of my training!  My favorite feeling is sprinting at the very end of the run.  I know that it probably means I could’ve gone harder throughout the run but for easy runs, I’ll take advantage of it 🙂

Don’t pretend you don’t wish you could have hair that sticks up like mine.  I have another easy run tomorrow and then a tempo run on Wednesday.

Do you ever see roadkill on your runs?

What fun things did you do this weekend?

I figured it out!

Happy Saturday everyone!

Can you believe the news about NYC marathon being cancelled?  What do you think about it?  I was on the fence when they initially said it would still go on.  But the fact that the expo had already started and so many had already made their way into the city, the timing couldn’t have been any worse.  Also not so great that the cancellation was announced on the news before the participants were informed.  But who am I, right?

I think it all comes down to the age old thinking… it’s not how bad the problem is or how hard the challenge may be, it’s how it’s handled.  In this case it wasn’t the best.  But the good thing and most importantly is now all those runners and vendors in the city are helping with the relief efforts despite the threats and bad press they’ve been getting this week.  There will be other races.  And other New York City Marathons.  I will be running in one of those future New York Marathons.

Onto happier things.  I went to get my MRI on my knee on Thursday.  Hopefully I will hear soon.  I did run today.  Very slowly, and I took it easy.  

I know I wasn’t supposed to, but I told myself that the second I felt any pain, I would stop.  I never felt pain, so I got my 6 miles in 🙂  Fingers crossed for nothing major found in the MRI and that he will just tell me to not run 2 days in a row or if I feel pain.  We’ll see.

Remember this guy that completed a full marathon wearing flip flops?


I think I’ve figured out how he did it!  You know how all of the running research says that a grassy surface is best for your joints and body to run on?  Well I came across these puppies and I think he must’ve been running in them.

So really, he actually was better off than the rest of us fools that run in sneakers 🙂  I kid.  This post makes little to no sense I think.  Off to do Saturday things!


Happy happy Halloween!

Hi everyone and Happy Halloween!!

Hopefully you’re all sitting cozy in your homes with electricity and Halloween candy. I’m posting this from my phone so I’m not sure if it’ll look ok or not.

We live in a neighborhood with TONS of kids so its been a revolving door so far and we’ve gone through 3 huge bags of candy already! There have been so many cute costumes and some that have come without costumes. Do you still give candy to kids that aren’t dressed up? We still do even though I think if you’re coming to take my candy there should be costumes!

Anyway our neighbor is always sitting outside carving. He makes these incredible walking sticks and for Halloween he switches to pumpkins:

Pretty cool, huh?

On the exercise front, I was supposed to do my tempo run this morning but since I can’t run until I get an MRI, I decided to skip it and went to my favorite spin class at the gym instead. Yesterday I met with the trainer for an upper body workout and it doesn’t seem to get any easier!

Ok I’m going to keep this one short, these trick or treaters keep on coming and coming! And I have some cake to eat 🙂