Happy happy Halloween!

Hi everyone and Happy Halloween!!

Hopefully you’re all sitting cozy in your homes with electricity and Halloween candy. I’m posting this from my phone so I’m not sure if it’ll look ok or not.

We live in a neighborhood with TONS of kids so its been a revolving door so far and we’ve gone through 3 huge bags of candy already! There have been so many cute costumes and some that have come without costumes. Do you still give candy to kids that aren’t dressed up? We still do even though I think if you’re coming to take my candy there should be costumes!

Anyway our neighbor is always sitting outside carving. He makes these incredible walking sticks and for Halloween he switches to pumpkins:

Pretty cool, huh?

On the exercise front, I was supposed to do my tempo run this morning but since I can’t run until I get an MRI, I decided to skip it and went to my favorite spin class at the gym instead. Yesterday I met with the trainer for an upper body workout and it doesn’t seem to get any easier!

Ok I’m going to keep this one short, these trick or treaters keep on coming and coming! And I have some cake to eat 🙂


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