I figured it out!

Happy Saturday everyone!

Can you believe the news about NYC marathon being cancelled?  What do you think about it?  I was on the fence when they initially said it would still go on.  But the fact that the expo had already started and so many had already made their way into the city, the timing couldn’t have been any worse.  Also not so great that the cancellation was announced on the news before the participants were informed.  But who am I, right?

I think it all comes down to the age old thinking… it’s not how bad the problem is or how hard the challenge may be, it’s how it’s handled.  In this case it wasn’t the best.  But the good thing and most importantly is now all those runners and vendors in the city are helping with the relief efforts despite the threats and bad press they’ve been getting this week.  There will be other races.  And other New York City Marathons.  I will be running in one of those future New York Marathons.

Onto happier things.  I went to get my MRI on my knee on Thursday.  Hopefully I will hear soon.  I did run today.  Very slowly, and I took it easy.  

I know I wasn’t supposed to, but I told myself that the second I felt any pain, I would stop.  I never felt pain, so I got my 6 miles in 🙂  Fingers crossed for nothing major found in the MRI and that he will just tell me to not run 2 days in a row or if I feel pain.  We’ll see.

Remember this guy that completed a full marathon wearing flip flops?


I think I’ve figured out how he did it!  You know how all of the running research says that a grassy surface is best for your joints and body to run on?  Well I came across these puppies and I think he must’ve been running in them.

So really, he actually was better off than the rest of us fools that run in sneakers 🙂  I kid.  This post makes little to no sense I think.  Off to do Saturday things!


2 thoughts on “I figured it out!

  1. Jacqueline says:

    Oh man I was so happy they canceled the NY marathon. The timing…not at all.
    I’m not wishing you a visit from the injury fairy, but I hope the MRI will at least give you some answers.

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