False Alarm and Roadkill Run

Happy Sunday!

As I had mentioned a little while ago, my knee had started to bother me so I went to a orthopedist to get it checked out.  I heard back from the Dr. on Thursday about the MRI I had and the only thing he saw was some “normal” wear and tear under my kneecap, not a torn meniscus which he had initially thought.  So I’m cleared to run!  And can continue my training.  I just have to be careful with lunges, squats, the elliptical, and stair master.  So ultimately, it was a false alarm!

Since I was free to continue my training, I headed out for my 6 mile run.  I started out slow and everything felt heavy after the first mile I found my groove.  No pain from knee 🙂


This is the elevation for the route.  I don’t think it could get any flatter.  Luckily the race I’m training for is similar but I still thought this was pretty crazy!  Flat roads make for fast times…

Among other things that I noticed during this run, I saw a gross amount of roadkill.  I guess it’s strange that I haven’t seen more but it seemed a little bit exorbitant.  I saw 2 huge Jingo sized possums, a squirrel, and something that looked like it might’ve been a raccoon at some point.  GROSS!  I think I might have to explore some new routes.  As my runs get longer, I’m looking forward making my way down to beach for some nicer scenery.   On the plus side, I think seeing these things that I would rather not see made me faster 🙂


I’m going to keep it my goal to maintain those negative splits through all of my training!  My favorite feeling is sprinting at the very end of the run.  I know that it probably means I could’ve gone harder throughout the run but for easy runs, I’ll take advantage of it 🙂

Don’t pretend you don’t wish you could have hair that sticks up like mine.  I have another easy run tomorrow and then a tempo run on Wednesday.

Do you ever see roadkill on your runs?

What fun things did you do this weekend?

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