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Happy Black Friday!  and belated Turkey day 🙂

I am recovering from eating my face off yesterday and enjoying time while my parents are visiting from New Jersey!  They got in on Wednesday night and will be here until Sunday.  We spent all day yesterday cooking, eating, being thankful, and laughing at all of the funny human like things Jingo will do.  I swear she is a little person trapped in a dog’s body.

There was no running or exercising yesterday and I am not sorry!  I am still following my training plan for the half and this week was 3 easy 4 milers Monday, Wednesday, and tomorrow.  Monday and Wednesday were checked off the list in ‘cool’ 60 degree weather and had me breaking out the running pants for the first time in Florida and I liked it.  I eat a lot on Thanksgiving.  A LOT.  But you know what?  It’s one day and I’m not going to hold back just because I’m training for a race, I don’t think worrying about eating too much for one day on the best eating day of the year will affect my performance.  If the race was today or tomorrow then sure, but it’s not so I’m golden 🙂

No Black Friday early shopping for me.  There is not nearly enough organization or thoughts of holiday shopping yet for me to brave those battlefields.  We went for a drive last night and on the way back we saw people lined up outside of Target at 7:30…. go home and eat some pumpkin pie people!!  No deal can be that great, sorry.  Not worth it to me.  But who am I.

Keeping this one short folks, the next few days will be filled with relaxing, visits to a Brazilian steakhouse, an antique car museum, and maybe a cruise tour of all of the mansions in this area.  Hope you have a long weekend too and that you get to enjoy it with family!

Anyone braving the shopping crowds today?

What’s your favorite Thanksgiving food?

Who started off their Thanksgiving with a run?


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