Catch-up time!

Ok.  I did not make that ‘real effort’ to update more often.  Oops.  Life gets crazy.  Especially around the holidays.  Forgive me?  Or you didn’t even miss me?  That’s ok.  I get it.  This is for me anyway.

Let’s recap the week (and a half).  We’ve got a lot to catch up on.

Thanksgiving Weekend : Awesome, food-filled fun.  There was lots of eating and laughing with Jeff, Jingo, and my parents visiting from NJ (yes my dog laughs – there is no argument on that point). 

All the food

All the food

Happy Thanksgiving!

Happy Thanksgiving!

Jingo waiting for turkey to fall on the floor while it's being carved

Jingo waiting for her best friend to slip her some secret turkey

Cooking like there's an army to feed

The rest of the weekend we did NOT brave the crazy stores for Black Friday.  Saturday we went to an antique car museum and saw all different Packards from the early & mid 1900s. 


I know nothing about cars but they looked really cool and my dad loved it so it was a success.  We also went on a boat tour of all the crazy mansions in the area.  Sunday came so fast and I drove my parents out west to my Grandmother’s house where they were staying for the night and got to have dinner with them and my Aunt & Uncle from Orlando.  All in all it was a fun food family packed weekend!

I lucked out with my training plan for the 1/2 in February that Thanksgiving week was light – 4 easy miles Monday, Wednesday, and Saturday so I was able to fit them in without a problem.  Last week looked a little like this:

Monday – 2 miles outside easy @9:55 (supposed to be 10:23)


Tuesday – spin class with the least energetic instructor ever.  I know it’s hard at 5:45 am to be energetic but if you’re teaching the class you need to pump me up!  I’m needy like that.

Wednesday – 6 mile tempo outside: 1 easy, 4 @8:30ish (was supposed to be 8:55), 1 easy, here’s what it looked like:

12-5-2012 9-37-33 AM

Thursday – 2 miles on treadmill @ 10:15/mile (supposed to be 10:23) and Strength – legs and abs – so many planks I was sore until yesterday! Also – interesting revelation.  I was doing one exercise sitting on a bench, and then stand up on one leg , 15 times on each side then switch.  I struggled to no end on my left side.  The right side was hard, but I was able to finish them.  There was such a big difference on my left side.  This is the side with my bum knee.  Also leg I sit crossed ALL DAY at my sit behind a desk stare at a computer for 12 hours job.  I don’t think this is a coincidence and the trainer agreed.  He told me to try a few hip strengthening exercises with resistance bands at home to see if that helps.  I am going to give it a try and see!  {Note – still have not tried this, 5 days later.  I fail so far}  My knee has been feeling fine, but I don’t want to give it any opportunity to get hurt again.

Friday – sleep in, be more tired than ever

Saturday – Long run, 7 miles outside  @9:39 (supposed to be 10:23).  This was my first really not fun run I’ve had since I started training.  I woke up too late, so it was over 80 degrees and bright and sunny by the time I got out there.  I know, that should not be something to be complained about, it’s gorgeous, but it wasn’t great to run in.  I went out too fast but didn’t want to slow down so I wound up pushing a lot harder than I really should have on an easy run.  I saw the craziest thing though… I always see little lizard babies running around all over the sidewalks and I think they’re so cute.  But during this run, I saw 3 HUGE wild iguanas chasing each other.  They were at least 3 feet long.  And they gave me the evil I as I ran past.  If I wasn’t so scared of them and ran faster to get away from them, I would’ve stopped to get a picture.  I tried to be braver on my way back but they were gone 🙁

The rest of the weekend was spent lounging, eating 100 meatballs and eggplants at our favorite Italian restaurant Saturday night, and more lounging.

That brings us to this week:

Monday: 2 easy miles outside @10:04/mile (supposed to be 10:23)

Tuesday: Strength, upper body with the trainer.  These little chicken arms were burning!

Tomorrow I have my first ever SPEED workout for my half marathon training!  I’m going to try it on the treadmill because I’m not going to a track at 5:30 in the morning and I have little to no trust in pacing to guarantee I’ll stay at the right speed.  I’m a little nervous.  I haven’t done anything speed related in a long long long long time.  Like 5-6 years.  BUT, I’ve been beating the prescribed tempo times on those runs, and the speed workout is only slightly faster that what I’ve been finishing those in.  So maybe I’m ok.  If not, the world won’t end.  The treadmill won’t eat me and my ability to run another day won’t be taken away.  I’ll just be slow.  But I’m still running and have my legs and health in tact so that’s all that should matter, right?  Right. 

Ok that’s enough running rambling.  I’m going to try to incorporate a little bit more non-running.  Maybe.  Last Tuesday after work I also went to a Welcome Reception for the MBA program I’ll be starting in January.  I don’t think I mentioned that.  So yes, on top of running, working full time, commuting full time (which lately is another job in itself), I’ll be spending the next two years taking night and weekend classes to get my MBA at the University of Miami.  So I can be more than just a geeky accountant.  Now I’ll be the MASTER of the geeky accountants and other such business.  That’s what it means, right?  I kid.  I’m really slightly more intelligent than I seem.  I promise.  Maybe.

Sooooo that’s all I’ve got.  Go check out the Foodie box I sent to Theresa!  I joined Foodie Penpals.  I’ll explain another time.  Because unfortunately my penpal match didn’t send me a box (you get one match that you send goodies TO, and a different match that you get goodies FROM) :(.  I was like a little kid on Christmas getting nothing from Santa.  Oh well.  I’ll try again in January. 

Hope you all had fabulous Turkey Day Weekend and 9 days since!

Anyone go to grad school?

What kind of strange animals have you seen on your runs?

9 thoughts on “Catch-up time!

  1. Megan@ Run Like a Grl says:

    I just finished my graduate program actually for Occupational Therapy. So exciting! I cant believe your FPP didn’t send you a package.. thats so sad! Hopefully next month is better for you!

    PS. GREAT workouts/runs!

    • Maureen says:

      Congratulations!! That’s so awesome and a great field to be in! I was disappointed but it happens I guess. I was kind of more excited to put together my box to send anyway 🙂 Have a great weekend!

  2. Megan@ Run Like a Grl says:

    I just finished my graduate program actually for Occupational Therapy. So exciting! I cant believe your FPP didn’t send you a package.. thats so sad! Hopefully next month is better for you!

    PS. GREAT workouts/runs!

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