First Speed workout and Magazine Mania

I did it!  My first speed workout on Wednesday.  I stuck to the treadmill at the gym before work.  I trusted the treadmill pacing more than my own and tracked it on Nike +.  Doesn’t that girl kind of look like me?  Not really?



I did a slow warm up mile, then did 1 mile @ 8:20/mile, .5 mile slow, and repeated the fast mile & slow .5 two more times.  It wasn’t nearly as scary as I thought, and it was kind of fun!  Although it was only 3 fast miles and I can’t help but wondering how I will manage to continue that for 13.1 by February… eek. But this is what the training is for right?  You can’t just go out there with no preparation and expect to run fast for 13.1 miles.  These type of workouts are going to make me a stronger faster runner.  Yesterday I did another slow 2 on the treadmill @10:10 pace &

To be honest, I am realizing more and more that I have not been pushing myself my last few affairs with running.  I never applied any type of conscious training, I just went out there and ran.  Never seeking to improve, or see what I could be capable of.  That’s what I am loving about right now.  I’m learning about my body, learning about running, and learning about myself.  I never thought of myself as the competitive type, but I’m finding that I absolutely am.  Not really with other people, but with myself.  Using all these different tools, being able to track my progress and speed is something new and different and exciting.  And I love looking at how I’m improving already after only a few weeks!  It’s amazing what can happen when you hold yourself accountable to achieving something.  If I can do it, anyone can.  Not that I’ve actually accomplished anything real or official.  I don’t have a time posted on a race results website that tells me (yet), but I know it for myself and that’s good enough for now.  It’s nice to have something that I enjoy doing that I can improve upon and keep getting better through my own work.

One thing that I’m already quite an expert at already is reading magazines.  I came home and opened the mailbox to find all of these lovelies staring at me:

photoLooks like I have a lot of reading to do!  I love to read books too, but for some reason it seems so much easier to find time to fit a few pages of a magazine in (could have something to do with the fact that practically half of them are ads).  The sad thing is that this isn’t even all of them that i subscribe to.  There’s also Glamour, Clean Eating,  & Women’s Running.  I can’t help it.  Who can say no to $10 for a year of wonderful article filled monthly gifts?  I’m especially excited about getting to the Runner’s World issue because they have a special feature on 2013 marathons, which I plan on taking part in one of those babies 🙂

Today was a rest day and I have 8 easy miles on the plan for tomorrow – the longest yet! I will also be going to a 5K race tomorrow not to run, but to put flyers on windows for a race that our Junior League is hosting in March.  This is part of my obligation as a first year member.  Other than that, I will most likely be starting my Christmas shopping this weekend and maybe decorating 🙂

Do you include speed workouts in your training?  Do you enjoy them?

What is your favorite magazine?  Anyone crazy about them like me?


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