Praying for Rain and Bathtime Trauma

Happy Sunday!

Yesterday morning I started my day off bright and early at a 5K race in a park near my house.  Not to run, or even to spectate, but to hand flyers out for a race that the Junior League is holding in March.  After I was done the only way out of the park was the same route as the race, so I was stuck for a while.  Luckily you could see my house right from the route:

photo (1)

Not really.  You could probably fit about 4 of my houses inside of that one.

I’m happy to report that after I got home, I finished my longest training run yesterday – 8 miles 🙂  I got out earlier than last week, I started out slower than last week, and the 8 miles felt so much better than the 7 I did last Saturday.  And kept up on my goal for the progressive training runs – barely, but each mile was faster than the last!

12-9-2012 1-26-32 PM


It was still really hot out though, well over 80 degrees, even at 8:30 in the morning.  It was so humid that the air was sweating.  I could tell that the clouds themselves were praying to let go of all the rain they were holding but it just did not happen on my run, much to my disappointment.  Oh well.  Still a great one.

Another thing I am noticing that I keep doing unintentionally is going faster than the Smartcoach trainer is telling me to.  I was supposed to finish this run with an average of 10:23.  After reading this post, I think I might know why.  The post outlines the difference between fast twitch muscles and slow twitch muscles and how you can determine whether you’re built for speed or endurance for longer distances.  When I was setting up my training plan for this race, I used a time trial of 1 mile.  I am not a sprinter, or great at short distances.  But what I do have is endurance (who knew?).  I feel much more comfortable mid-run when I get into the groove and aside from last week’s run, I generally always feel like I could keep going or have more in me.  I highly recommend that all runners read that post by Laura and think about this during all of your training.  It’s so interesting!  Also gets me excited to add the longer runs for this training.

The rest of yesterday was spent Christmas shopping with Jeff for almost everyone on our list.  We did pretty good and the stores were not too crowded for a Saturday in December.  We’re not in Kansas anymore, Toto.  In New Jersey, all malls are packed all the time every Saturday, even if it’s not Christmas.  Grateful for the South Florida lack of shopping obsession.  We got dinner at our favorite Thai restaurant and called it a night.

Today is a rest day.  Our biggest accomplishment was giving Jingo a bath.  She was in desperate need of one and we bath her ourselves (it’s a two person job definitely).  When she was a puppy we brought her to a groomer but were told politely not to bring her back until she was trained to be calmer.  Five years later and she has not quite found that calmness yet, especially with strangers, so we bath her in our backyard with the hose since we only have stand up showers in the house, no bathtubs.  She doesn’t mind the bath but just cries the whole time until it’s over.  It’s like a war zone out there, and enough hair comes off of her to make about 5 more dogs out of.  There should be a locks of love program for dogs.  She would definitely be their biggest donor.  For some reason having a bath is a traumatic experience and Jingo becomes a mommy’s dog for the rest of the day.



Yes I took a shower after giving her a bath and promptly changed back into pajamas.  That bath is going to be the one and only productive thing that is done all day.

Have you done your Christmas shopping yet?

Any other neurotic/crazy dog owners out there? (the dog, not the owner… ok or both)

Anyone still racing or training for races this weekend or is your season over?


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