3 Before 30? Maybe??

Happy Tuesday!

Training is coming along! Here’s what last week looked like:

Monday3 miles @ 9:59 pace

Tuesdaycrazy upper body strength circuit running around the gym

Wednesday: 6 mile tempo: 1 mile warm-up, 4 miles @ 8:30 (supposed to be 8:49), 1 mile cool down

Thursday: 2 miles @ 9:33 pace

Friday: nada 🙂

Saturday: 8 miles @ 9:30ish pace I think – I lost my Garmin Ant+ stick so I won’t know the dirty details until Amazon graces me with its smiley box presence.

This week is a lighter week, 3 days, 5 slow miles each, and I needed it.  I am officially done working for the year!  It wasn’t planned like this, but I found out that I’m unable to carry over as many vacation days to next year as I thought, so I ended the year earlier than expected.  More time to be home and be productive or relax and do nothing with Jingo?  No arguments here 🙂

This week I’m trying to relax, finish up Christmas shopping, and run tons of errands.  So far I have made baked oatmeal and watched about 45 episodes of Pretty Little Liars on Netflix.  Very productive, I know.  This pretty much sums up how my vacation started:


Next week I’m going up to my parents for a few days for Christmas and my sister & her family are flying in from Utah so I get to see them and finally meet my little nephew who was born in June!  I can’t wait.  Jeff is sticking around here though because he’s being all responsible and working 🙁 Boo.

As the end of the year is getting closer, everyone is buzzing about goals for next year, and I’m starting to catch the bug.  I’m going to try to be more serious, more organized with actually setting goals for next year in a lot of different areas.  But running wise, I realized something last week.  I have a half marathon on the schedule for February, and a year and a half until I turn 30 and want to run my first full by.  BUT… looking at the timing, what if I changed that goal to running  3 full marathons in that time?

I know… sounds crazy, but it might just be crazy enough to work.  Hear me out.  Sooooo the Fort Lauderdale 1/2 is February 17th… which leaves exactly 16 weeks until this beauty:

Screen shot 2012-12-18 at 10.40.54 AM

The Utah Valley Marathon, June 8th – would give me perfect time to train, is close to my sister, and 4 days before my nephew’s first birthday.  I think that is 3 very good reasons!  Would also set me up to also have a fall and January race, and that makes 3!  I’ve also heard that it’s a gorgeous course and a lot of fun!

Anyone setting goals for next year?

What are your plans for the holidays?

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