Happy New Year! Time for 2013 GOALS

Happy New Year!  Welcome to 2013 folks, I have a feeling it’s going to be quite a ride.

Someone partied a little too hard for New Year’s Eve:


Not really, I think she might just have PTSD from the fireworks that go off in our neighborhood for every holiday.

Time for some GOALS for the year.  I’m doing this mostly so I have something I have to look back on throughout the year.

Sub 2:00 1/2 Marathon – I have one scheduled in February, but plenty more of the year if it doesn’t happen then.

1st Full Marathon – I’m leaning more and more toward the Utah Valley Marathon in June.  If I’m able to do that, there’s also a Rock N Roll race in Miami in November.  That would make 2 if I’m able to resurrect my inner over achiever.  Not going to put a time on this.  But wouldn’t it be so nice to go sub 4 my first time?

Pull-ups – remember when you were in high school and you had to do those President fitness tests where if you were a girl you could get on a pull-up bar and just hang there for a while?  I hated that.  I wanted to do what the boys did and do pull ups.  Well it’s been over 10 years and I’ve lost all of my pull-upping ability and want it back.  By the end of this year, they will happen.  At least 2 in a row.  It sounds puny but so are my arms.  So there.

Cook new recipes – I want to learn to cook new types of foods.  I want to try one new meal and one new dessert every week 🙂

No more soda – I need to rid myself of the chemical water that I have way too much of.  By the end of the year.  I’m learning more and more to like water and need to keep that up.

Read more – This is going to be a hard one once I start school in a few weeks, but I really miss reading.  I got some exciting books for Christmas and started one of them, the 2nd Hunger Games book, on the flight back home last week and love it already.  I’m going to say one book per month and that’s it.  If I’m able to do more then great.  I really would like to find a book club but 1) I don’t know anyone in one and 2) there aren’t enough hours in the week already.  But it would be really fun to have a get together every month or however book clubs work.

Declutter – I am terrible at letting things pile up.  Piles everywhere.  Makes a house cluttered very fast.  I want to minimize the ‘stuff’ and make sure everything I have is meaningful, is used, and has a place to be put away.  Anything that doesn’t fit the bill will be donated or trashed.  I started this over the weekend with a mass shredding session.  Next stop my closet.

Spend smart – This year I want to focus on spending smarter.  I’ve gotten into the habit of spending impulsively, making big purchases (hello garmin 610, new running sneakers, new car) in very quick succession.  I want to be more focused in what I’m spending on and save more.

Ok I think that’s a very long list for someone who doesn’t ordinarily make resolutions or set goals.  But it’s in stone now.  Or on the internet that I can delete or edit at any time.  I won’t do that though I promise.  I swear.

I’m excited for everything that this year has in store for us.  On a larger scale, I know that even if I achieve all of these, I won’t be saving the world but it’s what I want for myself, to make a better ‘me’ this year.  I only hope that this is a year full of hope and happiness for everyone.  No more devastation in the form of natural distasters, misguided human destruction and tragedy, and more awareness of the world beyond ourselves.  There’s a lot going on out there people, educate yourselves and don’t let yourselves become ignorant.  It’ll put into perspective what you think are unsolvable problems or what is truly important.    PSA complete.  Thanks for reading this far if you made it 🙂

Do you set goals for the new year?

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