I’m still here!

Wow, long time!  I haven’t completely fallen off the face of the planet, I’ve just been busy busy busy.

Instead of trying to recap the last few (2!?!) weeks, I’ll do a photo dump instead.

New Year’s Resolution Success #1!  Egg – Nog mini cupcakes… verdict = LOVE.



This 9 miles felt SO much better than the last one I did. 🙂IMG_0768

New Year’s Resolution #2: Eggs Benedict w/smoked salmon – Poached eggs are my new most favorite thing to make and eat!


7 mile tempo (1 mile warm up, 5 miles tempo @ 8:45ish, 1 mile cool down) – felt great!


10 mile run – my longest of the training cycle and the longest I’ve run in almost 7 years – ROCKED it.  This felt so awesome.  I got out early, weather was perfect, and felt relaxed the whole time.  Was able to sprint out toward the end which is my favorite thing to do.


I survived it 🙂


It’s official!  I’m a student again.  My first class was this morning and I think I’m really going to like it.  I’m doing a part time MBA program that I can balance with work.  It’s a small class that I got to meet on Thursday at an orientation so today wasn’t my first time seeing them.



This is not from the past two weeks.  It is from New Year’s Eve, just because I like it.  And it was a fun night, so you get to see it.






So that really has been my life the past two weeks.  Lots of running, cooking, working, learning.

I’ll be back sooner 🙂  I PROMISE.


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