Welcome to February

Can you believe that January went by so fast?!  I couldn’t either, then I started to think about it and January was a pretty productive month:

I ran 87.5 miles, two of those runs were 10 milers.  I’ve never felt so strong.  Only 17 days until the half marathon!

I tried cooking a few new foods and new desserts including poached eggs, egg nog cupcakes, no guilt brownies, and last night halibut for the first time!

photo (4)


Nothing special, just some spices in olive oil but it wasn’t bad.  I am also more than halfway through the 2nd book of the Hunger Games series, and have had 3 MBA classes.  So I guess it does make sense that January is over after all 🙂

Anyway, this week was packed.  It was my first week doing a long run on Sunday, and also my first week having class on Monday nights after work.  Made it seem like I would NEVER make it to Friday.  Here’s what it looked like for workouts:

Monday – 2 miles, easy 9:48/mile pace

Tuesday – 2 miles, easy 9:24/mile pace then upper body workout – more SPIDERMAN pushups, this time with my feet elevated on a bosu

Wednesday – 7 mile SPEED: 1 mile warm-up, 5 miles @7:45ish with 1/4 mile jog in between each one.  Except the last mile I went nuts and did it in 6:40.  Done on the treadmill and I LOVED every second and each bead of sweat I earned on that one.

Thursday – squat central with a leg workout and worked on my balance a bit (I have none)

Friday – slept in 🙂

I wanted to sleep in today because I have class all day tomorrow 8-5 and then Jeff and I are going to see Wicked!  I never got the chance to see it on Broadway so this is the next best.

I saw this on facebook today and needed to share:


So true!  And it is universal, it applies to everything – not just running, not just fitness.  Want to learn how to cook new foods?  Look up a recipe and head to the grocery store.  Hate your job and want to move in a different direction?  Do some research or take a class in a different area to see what your options are.  Take all the ‘wouldn’t it be nice’ and ‘I hope’ thoughts and get out there and make them happen!  Nothing’s going to change if nothing changes.

How was your January?

Anyone see Wicked?

What changes have you made in your life lately?

2 thoughts on “Welcome to February

  1. Mal @ Mal's Miles says:

    I LOVE THIS POST! I am so so so happy you liked everything. It was great to put together a box for someone who loves chocolate as much as I do. I had a sneaking suspicion you might be deprived of Trader Joe’s down there in FL… I’m glad I made up for your crummy match up last time. You deserve an awesome box! Yay! You just made my day!

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