Wicked Karma

Happy weekend everyone.

At this time next Sunday I will have finished my first half marathon in 7 years.  My first race in 7 years.  My first 13.1 miles in 7 years.  7 years.  2013.  Lucky number 7.  Lucky 2013.

Will I finish it in my goal time of under 2 hours?  A week ago, I would have said I absolutely have it in me.  That’s because a week ago I was looking at this:



11 easy, slow feeling, had more in the tank, progression miles.  The longest that I’ve done in training.  I’ve said that a lot over the past few weeks, and it’s my favorite thing to say.  The ‘longest’ makes me feel accomplished.  I’m making progress and it’s growing upon each run.  Then on Wednesday I did a 7 mile tempo – 1/2 mile warm-up, 6 tempo miles and 1/2 mile cool-down.  I can say that that was my fastest and longest tempo run of my training.  The ‘fastest’ makes me feel STRONG.  So with that run I felt both accomplished and strong.

Then I woke up on Thursday, and I couldn’t swallow.  I didn’t think anything of it and went to the gym for a killer leg workout.  There were JUMPING lunges involved.  Two words that are not at all appealing when placed next to each other.  I still didn’t feel 100% but I went to work for a downhill disaster.  Where I was reminded that while over the past few weeks as every single one of my coworkers were bit by the flu or strep throat bug I sat happily by working away saying ‘oh me?  I don’t get sick’ Boy was I wrong.  The Karma police came for me and sentenced me with the scratchiest of sore throats and the most feverish of fevers that afternoon didn’t begin to break until Friday night.  After taking a sick day on Friday and sleeping most of the day yesterday after my MBA class, I decided that doing my last long run before the race would be skipped.  The effort it takes to have a conversation or take a deep breath is a little too taxing to consider putting my body through another 11 miles.

So that is a very long way of explaining that I am not 100% confident that I’ll break 2 hours next week.  I’m going to fight like hell, but at the same time remind myself that this is precisely why I chose February to do a half.  If I don’t break 2 now, I have 10 more months in 2013 to do so.  I’m a little bit stubborn.  So the idea of not holding myself to the 2 hours next Sunday is really hard for me to consider.  But at the same time while ‘I don’t get sick’, when I DO get sick it tends to stick around.  So I probably won’t be back to 100% until next weekend.

There is always an upside.  On race day, I will put less pressure on myself if I see the clock ticking and miles slipping to a pace I don’t like.  And skipping today’s run means I get to be awake and not sore and hang out with Jeff and his parents who are visiting for the week.  And I will get over whatever this thing is that I have that much quicker if I don’t go out today and this week trying to be a rockstar that I’m not.  So there are always good tradeoffs to make too.

In other news, last Saturday Jeff and I got to see this:



Not only was it an amazing show with really great seats (aside from the unusually tall man sitting in front of Jeff making it pretty difficult to see), they had THEMED CUPCAKES.  I wanted to get about 5 of them but I decided to show some self restraint and chose the Tin Man over ‘Ruby Red Velvet’ and ‘Flying Monkey Fudge’.



We were happy campers 🙂



Anyone have the winter bug this year?

How do you deal with being sick right before a race?


3 thoughts on “Wicked Karma

    • Maureen says:

      Thanks so much Amanda!! I’ve been sick all week so my PR dreams might have to wait for another race but I’m excited nonetheless 🙂

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