Charity Miles

Happy Friday!

This week really flew by.  Having Monday off of work/school was a huge plus and we were able to go to the movies and see Iron Man 3.  I really liked it, but I’m pretty easy when it comes to liking movies.  Other than that it was a pretty low key and much needed relaxing weekend.

Exercise wise it was a very low week.  I did strength training on Tuesday & Thursday but no cardio all week…. oops.  Normally I do Wednesday and Friday… today we decided to sleep in and it was wonderful.  Wednesday there was something a little more important than the gym, I had an ultrasound and found out that we are having a BOY!!  So exciting and it feels that much more real now.  It’s crazy how fast everything is going!  Now comes the fun things like finding a name 🙂

Luckily there is still plenty of time 🙂

During the week, I found out some really exciting news that connects my love of running with a great cause!  Have you heard of Charity Miles?  It is an app for your phone that uses the phone’s GPS to track your running distance.  Even more exciting is that you can choose different charities to support, and 25cents for every mile ran/walked is donated to that charity.  Pretty cool, right!  Even more exciting is one of the charities that was recently added.  It’s called She’s the First, and one of my roommates from college founded it and has made it a huge success.  The mission of the organization is to provide girls around the world the opportunity to be the first in their families to get an education and graduate high school.  These girls don’t have the same luxuries they do…. even so far as school being considered a luxury, and not a right.  It really is inspiring seeing how much change can happen with a small group of people passionate about making it happen!  So you should all download CharityMiles right now and get running!  Getting those hot and sweaty miles in as the weather starts to really heat up will feel that much better knowing that it is for an amazing cause 🙂

Have a great weekend!  Make sure you leave time to be jealous of me, I will be in an MBA statistics class from 8-5 on Saturday since we didn’t have class on Monday for the holiday.

Oops… Busy Bee makes for an Unintended Hiatus

Well well well.  Looks like I have a blog?

I really did not mean to just stop posting.  Life got in the way.  At the beginning of the year, I said I thought 2013 would be a big year.  When I said that, I don’t think I realized just how big it would be.

When I last left off, I had just finished my first goal race of the year and got myself a nice new half PR.  Every since then, it’s been a whirlwind.  Around the holidays, we had talked about having a small wedding during this year’s holidays and we started toying with Thanksgiving weekend.  It will just be something small so not too much planning, but getting everything set up took some time.  We have a location and a date, and still more to come.  Shortly after my race, we also started looking around the area for houses to buy.  We’re currently renting and it’s just depressing to be giving all of our money away every month and not having anything to show for it.  We found one we loved, but it was overpriced and the seller just would not budge.  Luckily we found another one that we loved even more, and are in the process of making it work.  Key words being process.  It’s been quite the headache but in the end it will all be worth it.

Why go through 2 major life events at the same time when you can have 3?  The week after the race, we found out the biggest news of all:

5-26-2013 11-37-58 AM


I am currently 18 weeks pregnant we’ll be finding out THIS WEEK if we will be having a little boy or girl October 26th this year 🙂  So far everything has been going great and I’m happy that we will hopefully be moved into a new house well before then.

So what does this mean for exercising?  Well, I’m still not giving up the dream of a marathon before I turn 30, but it will just be on a bit of a different timeline than I had initially thought.  I am still running, but I’m not signed up or training for the Utah Valley Marathon this June.  My running has been isolated to the treadmill and because I’m not exactly looking to work on my speed right now, mileage has gone way down because I just don’t have the time and I’m taking advantage of the fact that I can skip a run if I’d rather sleep in. Hopefully though as long as it’s still feeling good, I’ll continue to run for as long as I can.

2013.  Undeniably a big year.  And as much as I fell in love with blogging when I started getting into it last year, I found myself caring about the wrong things.  I started this to keep myself motivated and accountable, and yet I was reading other blogs and comparing myself to them far too much.  Comparing the running, the racing, the responses to their writing.  It wasn’t me and I didn’t like it.  So I let myself fade away.  On one hand I needed a break to sort out all of the big life events!  On the other hand I made the mistake of changing my expectations and feeling defeated that those new expectations for this blog weren’t being met.  Silly, right?  I think so too.  Well, I’m back, and I’m sticking to me.  Even if not one soul reads along.

Exciting things lie ahead and ready to enjoy every one of them 🙂