The Low Impact Sentence

Happy first Saturday of summer!

It’s surprisingly a bit cooler than it has been down here, it’s not yet 90 and we’re already past 10am ūüôā ¬†I’m enjoying another class-less Saturday while I am on a short break from my MBA classes. ¬†The fact that I’m not training for anything and having no classes, sleeping after 8 is quite the treat. ¬†I’m taking full advantage since the next break from school I will have a month old newborn on my hands!

Speaking of training and newborns, I went to the doctor this week and asked her about the soreness I was getting from my running. ¬†She explained that it’s completely normal as our joints get extremely loose during pregnancy which will help with delivery, but not so much with high impact cardio like the running I was doing. ¬†While some women don’t experience this problem with soreness, she advised that I should limit myself to low impact cardio for the rest of my pregnancy to avoid doing damage to my hips that could be more problematic in the long-term. ¬†I am not going to lie, I was pretty disappointed.

Screen shot 2013-06-22 at 10.42.40 AM


Jingo was pretty disappointed for me too. ¬†Although secretly she was happy since she doesn’t like when I leave her to go run. ¬†Running has felt really great up to this point, it was just the after that wasn’t so fun. ¬†Of course though it is all for the greater good and I don’t want to do anything to put my health or my baby’s at risk for any issues down the road.

So what now?  What does this low impact sentence mean for me?  I still have quite a few options to get my sweat on:

  • Speed Walking – Maybe I can visualize myself running here
  • Elliptical – Most boring piece of exercise equipment known to man, but it does make me sweat quite nicely
  • Stair mill – See elliptical.
  • Swimming – Probably the best full body low impact workout out there, excellent for the joints and will bring me back to my triathlon training days
  • Classes/videos – having an instructor and others around can distract you from the fact that you’re not out there pounding the pavement
  • Stationary bike – harness your inner Lance Armstrong, without the EPO abuse and tendency to lie about it.

So all is not lost, and I have already been doing my best to get comfortable with the elliptical.  It takes a bit more mental strength and motivation to do these things but exercise is still so important to continue during pregnancy both for me and the baby!

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Self imposed running break

Happy Saturday folks!

I know that summer’s finally making it’s way to the rest of the country but it’s been here for quite awhile. ¬†It hits 80 before 6am and by 10 it’s well over 90 with humidity that feels like¬†purgatory over 100. ¬†So needless to say, running is definitely confined to the treadmill. ¬†Two Sundays ago I ran outside and only made it 2 and a half miles before calling it quits. ¬†There’s not enough water in the world to make that ok. ¬†

I’m still trying to stay active and I ran that same week on the treadmill, but afterwards was more sore than running has ever made me feel. ¬†It was unusual because I have been taking it easy on speed and mileage while being consistent with strength training so I decided that running through the entire pregnancy just might not be in the cards for me. ¬†It’s not fun to think about but not everyone can do it, everyone’s bodies are different. ¬† So I gave myself a week off from running and until I see my doctor will stick to the elliptical and maybe swimming. ¬†In other news, at 21 weeks I finally look pregnant and not just like I’ve been stuffing my face with pizzas.



Even if I’m not running today I am still living in my Oiselle rogas. ¬†They are my absolute favorite running shorts EVER. ¬†I need to keep myself away from their site right now so as to not buy one of everything. ¬†It’s really a problem.

I found an interesting article today that seems to be fitting for right now on the durability of distance runners found here. ¬†Even though I don’t think I’m really injured right now, in my short amount of training that I’ve had, I feel like I am pretty prone to injury. ¬†The article makes interesting points that the being able to maintain an injury free status should be considered just as much talent as PRs and races. ¬†“Durability is the most underrated component of distance running talent.” ¬†It gave 5 steps to become injury resistant:

  1. Train the overall athlete – running should never be the ONLY exercise you do!
  2. Injury Risk Evaluation – get evaluated by someone that really knows running as a sport.
  3. Develop and Execute your Rehab Program – don’t wait to get injured to be doing rehab exercises! ¬†Know your body and the areas that need to be worked the most. ¬†This was my favorite part of the article – don’t come up with too many exercises that you HAVE to do, you won’t do them. ¬†I always read a ton of different workouts on blogs and in magazines and have grand plans to go to the gym and do them all, all at once. ¬†But that just isn’t realistic and you know what? ¬†I wind up doing none of them. Just like you need to create realistic running plans, you need realistic non-running plans.
  4. Smart Training – you shouldn’t be doing 110% hard workouts every time. ¬†There are times to push and times to maintain, again, KNOW your body. ¬†Easier said than done but as soon as you get to know your own limits, you’ll be able to decide when to push those limits and when to stay within them.

That was my education of the morning. ¬†It was great. ¬†I am on a 5 week break right now from my MBA program so it’s really nice to be able to read fun things on a Saturday morning when I’d normally be in class. ¬†The rest of this Saturday will be lots of cleaning and relaxing and praying that our 100 year old air conditioner doesn’t break down again for the 20th time in this heat.

And because what’s a Saturday without a little inspiration, I leave you with some pinterest goodness: