Happy Birthday!

Happy Birthday America, thanks for being so cool.  I hope that you get everything that you want and have the best birthday ever.

It has been busy busy busy around here.  Since I am on the bench from running, I have been trying to become friends with the elliptical and doing more strength training.  I have done a few new workouts that leave my arms and legs like jello for days afterward so I think I am on track.  After a calf workout this week I have perfected the zombie walk like none other.  If the Walking Dead needs a pregnant extra I am all over that.  Today I was signed up for a 5K but of course cannot run it, so I gave my bib away.  I have to admit, when I glanced at my clock at 5:30 this morning I was a little thankful for being able to go back to sleep.

Since 2013 is such a big year, we have been switching gears between baby, house, and wedding almost daily.  We got some bad news on the house we were trying to buy and are now back at square one.  I think I could write about 5 posts with everything I’ve learned and have hated about this house buying process over the past 3 months but I’m trying to stay positive and believe that everything happened for a reason 🙂  It is hard to stay down when there is so much GOOD happening!  I am almost 24 weeks pregnant and still feeling really great, aside from not being able to run.



Last week, I also got a very exciting package in the mail!!

photo-1photo-2 Chobani ftw!

I cannot tell you how excited this made me.  Chobani is awesome, I love the yogurt and the company.  I am trying to eat more yogurt instead of swedish fish and chocolate so that this baby does not come into the world high on sugar.  In addition to snacks I also love to bake with it!  The flavors are great in cakes and pancakes, and I use the plain all the time in place of sour cream or mayo in a lot of recipes.

I have off from work today and tomorrow (thanks again, America, I owe you one) and need it more than ever.  I have big plans of relaxing, giving in and buying some maternity clothes since squeezing into my old clothes is getting a bit extreme, baking some cupcakes, and keeping this girl sane while the neighborhood goes nuts with fireworks.



She’s so serious, right?  I finally joined Instagram (@morunsmarathons).  I have zero friends and have posted about 4 pictures.  I think I’m a little out of my element but it’s fun anyway.

That’s it for now, hopefully you all have long weekends too and get to do something fun!