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Ok so here it is.  Life is hard.  It is hard for everyone – no matter how thin or fat you are, rich or poor, single or married, a parent or not.  I totally abandoned this little blog of mine because I didn’t have anything to share, and no time to share it in.   I was having trouble reconciling between this healthy positive runner I was when I first started this thing and the new mother struggling to keep her eyes open and just get through work each day to spend time with my son.  I wasn’t running and all of those big goals I had set for myself seemed like a joke – completely unrealistic.

Luckily now I can see that for the past year I was at a time in my life of supreme learning.  I was learning how to be a mother. I was learning how to be a wife.  I was learning how to be a full-time working mom and wife.  I was learning to be a full time working mom and wife that has dreams of running marathons and wants to show her son what a good role model is for health, for determination, for making commitments, for achieving goals and that really, big dreams are the only way to go 🙂

Right after a 5K I ran on Mother's Day. I have the best cheerleaders!

Right after a 5K I ran on Mother’s Day. I have the best cheerleaders!

What brought me to blogging in the first place was reading other running blogs.  Each day these runners would inspire me so much with the insane mileage and paces they were putting in.  I’ve followed them through marriage and divorce, races and injuries.  I see bloggers that own their own business, or where their blog is their business.  That sounds like such a dream job to me, but at the same time not for me.  We’ll get into jobs another time.  For now, in order to not ramble on forever and ever I just wanted to get this post out here to get my feet wet again.  Tip toe back into the pool of sharing big and small details on the internet.  But I don’t think I’m going to actively put this out there.  I’m not trying to build a business, not trying to get comments or followers.  I like the idea of having this own space on the internet for myself to post and reflect.

You'll get a lot of this. He thinks I'm nuts after each run.

You’ll get a lot of this. He thinks I’m nuts after each run.

Also, timing.  This is the perfect time for a new start, as I’m finally making it to my first full marathon!  I will be running the Miami Marathon on January 24th, 2016 and my training starts next week.  I’ve been building my base and will also be running the Fort Lauderdale Half November 15th.  I’m loving running again and can’t wait to share more.  The ups and downs, the awesome and ugly. All I know is that there will be a ton of treadmill running, stroller running, and early wake ups.  Bring it on.


P.S. – If for some reason you used to read this, I changed my domain from because I let it expire and some lovely advertising company based in Dubai bought it 🙂  I still have plans to run all the marathons.

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