My first week of training and Stress creates a Mess

My first ever marathon training started this week and I am pretty psyched!  We’ll see if I regret this but I’ve decided I’m going to try to finish the marathon under 4 hours.  Based on that, the easy training run pace feels very slow, but at the same time I’m still struggling to keep my heart rate down.  It is still super hot down here in Florida ,and add a stroller with a toddler into the mix and I for sure am getting a great workout!  Here’s what my training looked like this week:

Tuesday – 2 miles (treadmill)

Wednesday – YouTube yoga

Thursday – 3.5 miles (treadmill)

Friday – rest (was supposed to be strength, but, oops)

Saturday – 3 miles (stroller)

Sunday – 4 miles (stroller)


Weekend stroller runs are the best.  They always end at the playground where Nolan has the time of his life.  I’m so lucky that he loves running with me (probably has something to do with the playground trips ).  We also just ‘have’ to stop at Dunkin Donuts for some iced coffee.  I am hopelessly addicted.  Nolan gets a munchkin and we split a banana, it’s a pretty nice way to spend the morning.


I realized today that I am a total stress mess and I need to remind myself that I WANT to run this marathon, I don’t NEED to.  This is for me, and it should be fun.  I have so much that is stressful in my life and this should not be one of them!  For example right now I should really be getting work done, but the company’s remote server is down which made me spiral into a miserable mood with a stomach ache because it is more that I have to worry about.   What good does that really do?  Nothing at all.  Running usually helps me keep that in perspective.  I’m setting a goal for myself of 4 hours so I have something to reach for.  Because I know myself well enough to know that I need a challenging goal otherwise I will blow off the training.  I am holding myself back from setting a goal to qualify for Boston (3:35) because I know that that would be just too much pressure and quite frankly RIGHT NOW I am not capable of training for that.  I will qualify for Boston some day though!!! Just not with this one 🙂

I’m also going to stay on top of taking care of my body through this.  Someone’s recent reaction to me telling them I was training for a marathon was that it is just not a natural experience to put your body through.  They were saying it trying to convince me not to do it, but it made me more proud that I am – it’s not natural, it’s supernatural!  And because of this I’m not taking any chances.  I’ve got  myself all decked out with some running shoes that don’t have too many miles on them, and got new socks – they are from Bombas which is a really cool company, they are kind of like Toms for socks.  For every pair they sell, they donate a pair to a homeless shelter.  So far I am loving them for running and lounging 🙂


Ok now I’ve exhausted all of my time that I would have been working, time for bed and the start of week #2!

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