There goes the week and New Opportunities!

Well this week was B.U.S.Y. – you know, bitch under stress, yo.  That’s a thing, right?  Anyway lots of changes going on this week.  So many that I almost just repeated the last post I wrote, same pictures and everything.  I’m losing it!  Haha anyway this week so far has gone okay running wise, got in 2 runs since Saturday.  Sleep was not a strong point at all because I’m actually in the process of changing companies I work for and had too many late nights this week.  But there is one thing that always makes the lack of sleep not matter.

He's entered the 'too cool for school' phase

He cracks me up.

I’m excited that training is going to start picking up next week!  I decided to take the very easy route of trying out the Nike+ run coach!  I loaded the marathon info into my Nike+ app and it built me a 16 week marathon plan (since I already have completed 2 weeks of base training).  It looks like a pretty challenging plan but in the best way possible!  I’m ready to go!!!

Also, there is another amazing opportunity that has come my way that I will be sharing very soon!  It is completely out of my comfort zone and exactly what I need in my life right now.  If there is anything to come out of this jumble of randomness, it is that I am completely embracing change right now and it is scary and awesome all at once 🙂  More to come!