Getting back into the Groove

After SO many months of pure chaos, I’m finally starting to feel like I can get back into the groove of things.  So many different things have changed over the past 6 months and the main thing I’ve realized is how much less organized I really am than I had considered myself to be.  That paired with my tendency to commit myself to way too much at once has made for a bit of a stressful time.  But I’m pretty pumped to have this little space back and will jump back in to normal posts!

Back in October, the division of my company (that I’ve worked at for 10 years) was bought by another large company, and at the same time I moved into a new role so it’s been a ton of learning from all angles.  It hasn’t always been fun but I know that each not so great day is just making me stronger.  At the same time, I decided to jump in and start my own Rodan & Fields skincare business!  I won’t talk too much about it here, but let’s just say I have the best skin of my life, and have a pretty sweet extra paycheck each month 😉

So anyway, I’ve become a morning runner, and get my workouts in before Nolan wakes up.  Most weekdays I stick to the treadmill in our back room but some days and Saturday mornings are all about me and the stars.  It’s been wonderful with the Florida winter but seriously overnight it turned to summer.  At 5am its sticky and gross and all kinds of sweaty 80 degrees.IMG_1050

Sweaty selfies for life.

Another life changing event happened while I was in my little hiatus – Trader Joes opened in Fort Lauderdale.  My prayers have been answered!!! I’ve been sooooo jealous looking at all of the cool TJs finds and now can have them for myself!  I now do all of our shopping there and absolutely love it.  I am a total sucker for their sample counter and it frequently goes straight from the sample counter to our dinner table.


Fish tacos for the win!

After I ran the Miami Marathon, I took about a month off from  running completely.  I didn’t intend to take so long off, but I caught the flu which just wouldn’t let go of me.  So I’m giving myself the luxury of easing back in, and averaging about 25-30 miles a week.  I joined an online accountability group to help build my mileage and it’s helped hugely!  So encouraging and fun. I’m also mixing in some strength workouts too, and try and fit them in the mornings too.


Brightly colored pants are scientifically proven to give you a great workout.

So that’s kind of how I’m getting back into the groove and some regular routines 🙂

This morning’s workout – 5 miles, outside, with the stars and the palm trees.


I am a Marathoner! And other things to catch you up on the last 6 months

Well that was a nice little break… so much to catch up on!  What has changed – I’m a marathoner, I own my own business, I have new goals, I’m more confident, more tired, more in love with my family, know more about myself, and am pretty much loving life!  In order to not make you fall asleep, here’s a dump from my phone to catch you up on the past 6 months!  Consider this like a tv show you’ve missed a few episodes of.  This is the ‘previously on’ 🙂  Oh yeah – they’re not in order, either.  So there’s that.

Nolan has grown so much!  He thinks it’s about time he got his drivers’ licence 😉


There were so many early morning runs as part of marathon training.  I learned to embrace and appreciate those palm trees and the sun rising behind them.

I had my first back to back weekend of racing.  5K one Saturday night and a half marathon first thing Sunday morning.36AAFC1F-7F0E-4E8A-8F9A-2939157A90D6

This.  Everything about this.

Nolan turned 2, and discovered the wonder of cake.


There were many photos of shoes through the training process.  Altras ftw.65B9F7EA-A6D6-47CD-ACD0-57CC0F937C17

I ran some mornings and it felt great, and some long runs were in the pouring rain where the only saving grace was the satisfaction in knowing that I didn’t give up.069B60DE-BB6D-46A2-8411-348EF3C9A0A0

We picked out pumpkins.446F22E3-107B-4294-BAC7-0C46F174FAAB

Ate dinosour size avocados679AC89A-A531-4C22-A968-BBA28EB92329

Jingo puppy as elegant as ever.  She tolerates the fact that there is a small child taking over her home.917B20CF-A98F-4CEF-8EF5-ED9337C4CF76

We relished the days where we could soak up the sun and embrace nature.7114FE55-2437-4155-BB36-58150F06332F

South Florida = sweat.  Sweat, sweat, and some more sweat.102413B5-A95E-4EDD-BF2A-57F59AD2D053

So much joy in this journey.796461C5-B129-4935-8112-FB1C40ACAF8D

Many post run playground shenanigans94665836-5BDC-4B6F-96EF-9EC4F53F82B5

Getting in my miles wherever I am, this was Thanksgiving weekend at my parents’ house.AA6FC4D5-D830-4AA0-BA83-FAC9EC6F37A8

Lots of stroller runs, and Nolan showing off his feet.  He’s rubbing in the fact that he doesn’t have runner’s feet like mine.BE73E5CD-1CB3-453C-9387-7A4EB1FB6BEA

Love my family!C5FED609-13B1-4E9A-80FA-7C00CAEB5952

Half marathon as a training run.  35mph winds, morning after a 5K.  2:06CFFF5E10-A0EB-4FA9-9A17-A8379F8BCDC0

One month later, ringing the PR bell.  1:56:04.D3B0A7A6-B9EB-4C72-81CA-6FEA0A7F7347

At Christmas we bake cookies.D164030B-23C1-49EE-8CF9-FAD5931298BD

I placed 3rd in my AG in a random King of the Hill Challenge 5K!  Not my best race but had ‘hills’ (or what Florida calls hills).  DC82482A-663A-4C69-B516-A709351DC7D9

We trick or treated, Nolan saved the day as a Fireman/FiretruckDDBFC801-2EF7-4920-B005-C1B609723D84

For sure I’m a trendsetter in run-fashion.E14CB4D9-FF07-4B3D-94CD-510D9E38D156

Thanksgiving Day 5K!  Got a PR, 24:21FullSizeRender

More shoe photos, more Altras ftwIMG_0008 From the half marathon where I got a PR – I was happy!  Running’s fun.IMG_0021

Oh this little boy of mine.IMG_0051

Running can be a bloody sport when you tend to fall down a lot.IMG_0053

Learning to scoot on Christmas MorningIMG_0149

At the marathon expo


Hotel race setup selfie pre marathon morning.IMG_0346

Obligatory marathon morning bathroom selfie!IMG_0350

The coldest morning the Miami Marathon has ever seen!IMG_0357

I finished, survived, persevered.  4:24.  Way off my goal but oddly at peace with it all.IMG_0374 Had to buy the professional pictures, thinking it might be my one and only marathon!  Going over the Venetian Causeway (I think?)

Pain picture.  It was very hard.IMG_0399

I don’t think that there is anything I could love more about this photo.IMG_0466

Plank style #teambicchickIMG_0495

Stroller running!  First attempt at a self timer pic.  I’m legit now.IMG_0602

I wore real clothes, and sometimes spent all night working.  #thegrindIMG_0633

More shoe selfies.  Giving the pureflows a little loveIMG_0696

Weekly swim lessons have been a highlight for sureIMG_0704

This boy loves to work and learn.IMG_0709

It’s all about that sunshine.  And the self timer selfie.IMG_0731

Everyone loves the stroller run!


Nolan working the selfie gameIMG_0750

Loves include grandma, grandpa, and ice creamIMG_0843

We’re weird.IMG_0855


Jingo loving the post run sweaty selfie


Nolan’s first soccer lesson.  Hula hoop required.IMG_1006


We are family.  This is the best.IMG_1020

So, there you have it.  the last 6 months in a nutshell.  A very long, picture-filled, nutshell.