I’m a bird! And life lately :)

When I first stumbled across the blogging world, I learned there was a small running company that was focused on women and from the get go seemed like it was more than a company selling running clothes.  They supported women and celebrated their accomplishments.  They recognized that women runners came from all different backgrounds and have all different skillsets but they all have one common connection and that is running.  I am so proud that after almost 4 years of following the Oiselle brand I can now say I am a member of the Volee flock 🙂


I can’t wait to get my jersey and represent at my next race!

Speaking of race, I have a few 5Ks coming up.  And fittingly, I have run less in the past few weeks than ever.  I’ve been so exhausted and just allowed my body to get lots of rest.  I have gotten some great strength workouts in:


I was also reminded of how bad my balance is, while falling constantly off of the stability ball 😉


Celebrated some big potty training milestones over here with a brand new Thomas backpack;

Got some early morning miles in that felt amazing!  #flystyle, Rocking the Oiselle Mac Rogas, sports bra, and my Bic Bands headband to keep my hair tamed (for 10% off use code MaureenBic at checkout)

You know your husband knows you when he sends you ways to get cheap running shoes 🙂  I love getting a good bargain, and am itching to get a new pair of sneakers.  I’ve been falling way too often lately and I have a feeling my feet just don’t agree with Altra’s, despite how much I love how they feel.  Kind of a bummer.

When I see my pictures of my morning runs, it makes me want to set that alarm to get up again the next morning.  Palm trees and sunrises are great for clearning the mind.


Sweaty selfies for the win!IMG_1639

I am so lucky the teacher’s at my son’s school send me pictures from time to time.  They do practical life lessons and he absolutely loves it!  He loves to help clean at home, too.


Jeff came home with a selfie stick and we had to test it out of course!


So, we’ve been living in our house for more than two years and still have boxes that haven’t been unpacked.  My mom brought some old boxes from high school and found some old school pictures.  Sooooo many fun memories 🙂


And occasionally on Sundays I get productive and make oatmeal on the stove for breakfasts for me and Nolan.  IMG_1685

So that pretty much sums up life over the past few weeks.  I’m fighting hard to get on here more regularly because I like having this little space to download, and I really want to keep track of my training better.  When I first started this blog I was great at it and love to look back and see my progress.

Last week I had a VERY low week, I wasn’t feeling well and we had a lot of events and work commitments:

Monday: strength training (22 minute Hard Corps Beachbody Workout)

Tuesday: 3 miles in the am

Wednesday: 2 miles in the am

Thursday: unplanned rest

Friday: 3 miles at work!  I started scheduling gym time on Friday’s for an hour, it’s fun and helps me get more time to get a few miles in.

Also, I am studying to become a certified running coach!  I am using the Revo2lution Running Program and I’m learning so much!  Such a nerd but I love it.  I’m in module 2 of 7, so I’ll write more about it in another post.

That’s all for now!


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